Mosquitoes bite!

Colder eveinings are coming soon, but until then the mosquitoes are still buzzing around.
If your DOR hasn't had you vaccinated for West Nile, it is most likely too later to get any benifit from the shot. So your DOR will need to take some other measures. Your DOR needs to taken care of standing water that they can breed in, apply pesticides to the breeding and congregating areas. You DOR should give you a fly sheet to help keep the little buggers off of you. If they are not spraying you each evening tell them to get busy!!! The other thing that will help is vitamin C, Ester C, or rose hips daily, and feeding some Apple Cider Vinegar as an internal bug repellent.
I hate worrying about any of my friends getting sick with this disease, so please take care of yourselves.
I am speaking to Freedom again. I did give him a good kick though. I hit him on his big ol' butt and left a bit of a bump-that is what he gets for getting me in trouble with the DOR. Amanda I read your advice to toot in his face, but I had already kicked him-I will use that the next time I 'owe him one.'
Salty and I played musical treat tubs tonight. We were both sure that the other one had the best treats, turned out we had the exact same thing and all we did was get tired.
The DOR decide that if I wanted to play we could do a bit of ground work...no big deal I have trained the DOR well, so we have that down to a fine art. What I want to know is why Salty and Freedom don't have to work? The DOR says they are retired, what the heck is that? Horses don't have tires, why would they need to be retired when they never were tired in the first place? Maybe she means the kind of tired that you get when you work hard. In that case I have been tired and then retired several times, in which case I shouldn't have to work anymore either. I am going to have to figure this one out, sounds like another case of pick on the new guy at the ranch. I am going to have to start the 'Fair Treatment for Cactus Jack Splash' foundation. I will have shirts, buttons, and protests...I see a change coming.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, they DO! I've got a bite on one arm. The horsies are all vaccinated, and I TRY to remember to rub on some insect repellant, but you know.....DUH....I always forget!
LOVE the new look! GORGEOUS! YOU ROCK! Cactus, I am glad you are finally BEHAVING!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Cactus Jack..We've tried the vinegar..now we use it in a spray bottle with water..seems to work better and your fellow equine buddies agree cuz they don't have to taste it.
Boy, do I ever agree with you on that TIRED or RETIRED business!

Thx, DOR, for your kind comments on "Our Life"...someday, parts of my Journal will be about those times.


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