Quote for the week

I will acknowledge your neurosis but will not indulge it.
- Bill Basham
When the DOR first heard this statement she was working with a rescue horse that had been ruined by the people who had been in her life in the past. The DOR was busy telling the trainer how hard the horse's life had been and how he needed to understand her past. The trainer was Bill Basham and he quietly told the DOR this week's quote and went on to explain his thinking. You see it turns out we all pack around a few issues. Those issues can become something that we wallow in, never making any headway in our life's journey or we can acknowledge they are there and then deal with them. By making the little rescued mare face her issues and deal with them, in a supportive environment that was set up for her success, the little mare was able to move forward in her life's journey in a happy and productive manner.
The DOR has come to realize that one can be too sympathetic, becoming a person that enables a horse to stay stuck. She hates causing us distress and often will not push us out of our confront zones. It is good she knows that. She is working on that with trainers and at clinics. However she also knows when we need pushed harder that she is able to push, so she sends us off to have someone else do it for her...she says it is so we aren't upset with her-I think it is because she is a big softy.
The Trailboss made me work through my issues and I am a lot happier too. Dealing with my issues has made me a stronger, happier, and wiser horse....I am SUPER APPY!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your


Betty said...

Having someone to help you work through your issues is a good thing. I am glad you have your DOR.I agree with your quote.
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Yay for "Super Appy"
That is a brilliant quote and ,thanks for sharing it

Rambling Woods said...

I didn't know that people and horses could have so much in common. I would say that any horse (or person) that comes to be cared about the the DOR is a lucky horse (or person). There is something to be said about compassion and empathy unless it interferes with one achieving their potential...
Michelle From Rambling Woods

squirrelmama said...

You really ARE a super appy for knowing this about your DOR and appreciating the difficulties we humans sometimes have with our own limitations. Yes it is possible to be too much of a soft-heart....and yes, there are worse things. But I suppose being able to "outsource" when necessary is a strength, and I credit your DOR for knowing that.


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