I am not sure what is up with the flies this year, they are the worst ever. Maybe it is because of the weird weather.
They are just swarming all over us horses and the humans when they are out here. These flies have no respect for a poor horse when it is eating its treats-they dive right in trying to steal my treats as fast as they can. I have taken to keeping my head in the treat tub so they can't get in, but then the they counter that action by bothering my belly forcing me to lift my head. The DOR hoses us down, we roll in dirt creating a mud coating, and we get fly spray applied on us daily but the flies still come back. She is now giving us 300 mg of garlic and upped our apple cider vinegar in an attempt to deter the little pests.
I want to know why they don't bother the stinky cows? Cows don't mind it flies are crawling all over them.
I am thinking about tying a flyswatter to my tail so I can squish them rather than just shooing them off. I am wearing my fly mask with ears, although sometimes I "accidently" rub it off. The DOR is thinking about putting flysheets on us-I tore mine up last year so she is wondering if I will be nice to it this year.
How are you beating the flies this year?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!
RCER's fundraiser on Saturday earned over $2,000-thanks to all for their support and hard work.


Cheryl Ann said...

We are having a horrible "fly year" down here, too! Our DOR sprays us with fly spray and puts some gooey stuff called "SWAT" on us and she also gives us ACV, but the pesky flies still come back!
~~Scout and Cali~~

restoration42 said...

Yep, coastal flies are fierce and vengeful this year. Don't recall them ever being this intense. I am going to try "the vinegar of the four thieves" cuz I don't have must faith in all the fly sprays working more than a couple of hours. I'm using swat for the face and that seems a bit more effective. Here is a link for the vinegar recipe.


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