Thank you Marge!

This is Mushboy modeling the new shirt that Marge of Space Coast Beach Buzz sent to him. It arrived the day he had his wisdom teeth taken out and he had to put it on immediately. He was still a bit woosey from his surgery. It cheered him up and he really loves the shirt. It has a cool picture on the front and a listing of all of the shuttle missions on the back. I think it is pretty special. It is really special because a picture of the DOR and I will be going up in the shuttles last launch. Yep I am going to be an astroappy!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mommanator said...

I guess you remember I saw the last shuttle launch, it was great! only one left in Oct or Nov and I may just go see it too!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Hope Mushboy got a kick out of the shirt - with luck, it took his mind off the visit to the dentist.

Mommanator, the current schedule calls for one in early November and one in late February 2011.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Florida Beach Basics he absolutely loves the shirt. He put it on and wore it as soon as he opened the package. He was still doofy from his surgery and kept saying, "See I am in the space shuttle" and giggling.

Anonymous said...
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