Shandi is concerned that having her tail wrapped might make her butt look big. I tried to tell her that big butts are the way to go, the best kind of butts, a perfectly fine butt. However, she is a dainty little lolly dolly and worries about her looks.
With the weather being so erratic and Shandi being such a delicate dolly, her tummy has been upset. As a result she has a case of cow plops...not nice, not nice at all. The poo makes a big mess of her thick beautiful tail-dreadlocks and nastiness. The DOR took pity on the SCC and wrapped Shandi's tail to minimize the yuck he would have to scrub out later.
In the meantime my Shandi Doll is one stylin filly.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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