Helpng Roh lope with the reins in her teeth!

Rohana is a dear friend on mine.  She is a theraputic riding instructor and had donated her time to lots of children needing to ride.
As part of her continuing journey to be the best instructor she can be, she continues to take riding lessons. 
Please help me in getting her those lessons for free.  It is simple...if you have a Facebook page, simply go to Remuda International's page and like the page.  Not only will you be helping my friend, you will also get to follow a very talented trainer.  This is the the trainer that helped Freedom's Lady become a happy saddle horse and took me to Trail Horse Boot Camp.
Roh promises that she will lope her horse with her reins in her teeth, doing a Rodeo Queen wave with both hands if she wins 10 free lessons and I will post the video here...I really want to see that so go like that page and get your friends to do that too!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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