The Mad Hatter

This is the DOR`s Helhat.  She made it herself and was pretty pleased with it.

This is our
 first ride together with her wearing it.  The wind caught it that day and blew the brim off.  The parts were gathered and she remade it.
She wore it a few more times and nothing happened to it.  I thought it was supposed to get remade every time she wore it...so the last time I remade it for her.  It involved some snorting, bucking, almost rolling down the side of a hill, but I got the job done.

This the result of all my hard work. The DOR came up over the hillside, where I had deposited her, and gave me an ugly donkey face. She gathered my reins and mounted from the ground-FROM THE GOUND! Needless to say she was one Mad Hatter. I am being extra nice these days. Enjoy your day and don`t forget to hug your DOR!


Go Big and Go Home

 The DOR really needed a ride today, some time to think and ponder things.  Being the gentleman that I am I gladly obliged, actually she bribed me with the promise of a slow doodle and munchies on the way.  I tried to grab a bite right from the start and got a boot `really Boogie we haven`t even started yet!`.  I gave a warning hop and spent the next fifteen minutes blowing marbles.  As we wondered on the ridge a coyote went running right infront of me...I blew marbles.  The wind started blowing...I blew marbles.  The DOR kept patting me on the neck telling how good I was being.  We stopped on occasion and I would get a nibble.           

 The DOR took me to a big wood pile that always gives me marbles and made me go around it twice.  I blew a whole truckload of marbles at that.  She told me I was a very good boy and took me to the short/steep hill I love to go up.  I got very happy and started loping up.  Well loping leads to excitement...excitement leads to bucking...bucking leads to werehorse incidents.  Yep I bucked and didn`t stop when asked, so the DOR told me to `Go big or go home!` and gave me a boot. Alrighty then. Not only am I going big, I am going home.  Bucking like a wild horse I barely missed sliding down the same hill I came up, I did buck my way into an old coyote den, and past a shooting target.  I finally realized the DOR was not taking my offer for a flying dismount and I also realized home was at least a mile away, so I quit bucking.  I figured the DOR would be happy with this and head home, but NO!  She marched my butt back down and made me go up the hill again and circle each target twice.  She also made me take the long way home.  We went down the road to check the mail and stopped to visit people along the way.
I would like to point out that the wind picked up when I headed up the hill,  I saw the white of a target as I crested the hill and we all know how I feel about white.  To top all that off a very noisy train went by.  So you see none of it was truly my fault.
Today we went big and took the long way home.
Enjoy your day and don`t forget to hug your DOR!


Passing the Torch

This is the kitchen at the DORs house.  It is big enough for her entire herd to fit in, so I think she should make it a place for us...
That aside it was the kitchen her grandmother designed and her grandfather, dad, and uncles built.  The house is close to 70 years old now and oh the memories that have been made in this kitchen...all without a single horse being present.
The DOR's grandmother made many a family meal and hosted lots of family gatherings here.  Now the torch has been passed and the DOR is the cook and host.  This year was the first time all the children and grandchildren have been home to celebrate.  What an event it was...the DOR even had leaky eyes.
Funny how thing change and responsibilities shift from one individual to another.  It happens in all herds.
I am the leader of the band...king of boogie...heck I am Boogie!  While there is a herd that I share the DOR with I am still the host with the most!!
I don't worry about passing the torch because I now it will never need to happen.  I do know that when the DOR looks at this kitchen she does think about who will be there when she is gone. I think that is a silly thing to think about...she needs to be thinking about how she is going to get me in there so I can join the next party.  She darn well better make sure I get in there before she takes that little stinker Widgett in or I will plot my revenge.
Here is to all of the generations past and future-may you be warm, happy, well fed, and always loved
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Christmas Prayer

I have not gift that would show each of you how special you are, so the best I can do is send each of you a humble prayer:

I pray that I have blessed your life and made you smile.
I pray that I have been kind and treated you in the manner you deserve.
I pray the love I feel for each of you has somehow made itself know.
I pray that in your loneliest times I made you feel you were not alone.
I pray for you days of sunshine, smiles, and wonders yet unknow.
I pray for you that your coming year will sing in a harmonious tone.
I pray that you know unbounded love and that your wildest dreams come true.
May blessing rein to you from above in everything you do.

Thank you so much for being my friends, accepting me and all my oddities.  If I have brought you joy that makes me happy.  If I have hurt you I ask your forgiveness.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


More Buddies and the Distance Derby

I love new buddies, it means that I have less work to do.  This new guy is Casey The Black aka Bones, he is testing out for the drill team.  Now I could do drill team...no really I could.  I went and when we passed the bucking shoots I bucked, when horses got too close to my batookie in formation I taught them to back off, when someone waved a flag I took off just like I was taught to do-so where was the problem?  I just didn't want to lope as long as they do.  
So Bones is here to see if he can fill Sir Darby's rather large and pompous shoes.  He has a good sense of humpr, which one needs when dealing with the DOR.  After all when you are going down a trail and she suddenly raises her hands and whoops because she is having fun one must remember she is a silly human.  She also makes us were silly costumes and pose for pictures, we just sigh and put up with it because we get treats later.
The DOR has entered us in the Distance Derby again this year, she missed last year's sign up, so having more hooves to help pack her around will make it easier on all of us.
Me I am going to pretend I have a boo boo everytime she comes out to catch me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!

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