Weekend Clinic

My sister Bohannan's Rhapsody Splash, Hanna, attended a small private clinic yesterday. Seven other horses in the arena, one a recent gelding, 3 of the horses were green, and 2 of the riders were green also. Seems like the makings of a circus to me...
All the horses were good and the riders were all successful.
The DOR is still hesitant about loping a green horse managed to cowboy up and lope Hanna. The DOR should have had no worries, after all Hanna is so much like me...well maybe the DOR should have more worries.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Signs all over

The SCC and Mushboy came to the DOR's office last week.  Her office is full of horse related decorations, it makes her feel that we are close by.
She has a small sign that says "Have you hugged your horse today?"  The SCC to a small sticky note and changed horse to husband.  I think he may may be wanting all of the hugs...doesn't he know it is nice to share.
I am thinking that I may need to change my closer to 'Don't forget to hug your humans'  What do you think?
Enjoy your day and don't forget your DOR


The DOR has a warrant for her arrest!

They say the DOR is wanted for speeding...
Now I have never seen the DOR do anything I would consider speeding.  She likes to savor every step she takes.  So she must have been on horseback to earn this warrant.
I think they captured her on the wrong horse, Hanna is definitely not speeding-unless it was overly quick head turns for scritches.
Now if they had seen her and me streaking down the road on Black Friday that would be another matter.  I was flying, my hooves were a blur.  But then again it would be me wanted for speeding not the DOR.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Haven't forgotten you

I have not forgotten you my friends.  The DOR has been busy with her dad.  His Parkinson's has reduced his ability to manage physically and he experienced a bout of sudden onset dementia.  She has been helping get things ready for him to have a permanent place to spend the rest of his days.
While he forgets things, I do not.  I want you all to know that things are well here.  The oldest soprano has been started under saddle and is a rock star!  Hanna, my littlest sister, has had her 12th ride and did great (what else would you expect she is my sister).  She even took the DOR's grand daughter for a ride.  Little Sister gave her first ever ride to a human, she begged for the DOR to let her tote her grand daughter...I guess she didn't want to be out done by Sir Royal Pain.
We have a clinic coming up at the end of the month.
While postings may be sporadic for a bit, just know we are all here and love you lots.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!

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