Happiness is...

Happiness is a stack of really nice hay.
Happiness is a lovely saddle that fits really nicely.
Happiness is playing ground games with the DOR.
Happiness is going for a nice ride.

Happiness is spending a nice evening with a friend and making them smile.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Mixed emotions

Today the DOR went to visit Hank and Scooby. There is a part of me that is very jealous of Scooby. I know it he had not gone blind the DOR would never got me and I am very glad to be here. The DOR loves to visit Scooby, but it also makes her sad. She misses riding him and seeing him everyday, she also knows that he is in the best place for him to be. You can see in the picture that Scooby put a big smile on her face whenever they went out for a ride.

Scooby has a job taking care of an orphan colt and is doing a grand job of it.

Here is a video of Hank jumping for the fourth time. It was taken with the DOR's still camera so it isn't too good. Hank loves to jump and ended his training session trotting over three foot jumps today. He is happier going English than he was going Western. Hank will be staying up in E-Burg to continue training and working with the CWU Equestrian Team. He and Scooby get to hang out together so it is a good thing.

The DOR came home and mixed special treats up for Harley. Harley is a navicular horse that has been in rehab for the past year. He could hardly walk when he arrived, he is much better than he was but will never be completely well. The DOR is going to let him go soon, she says that some days he looks like he is walking on glass and it isn't right to make him hurt. We are all spoiling him rotten before he leaves. The DOR thinks Harley is the world's most beautiful pasture ornament. The cold weather is so hard on him...his feet hurt and he will hardly move. I know that this is a hard decision, but I am glad the DOR is doing the right thing.

So here I am putting a smile on the DOR. It is my job to make her happy and I do a grand job of it. After a day of mixed emotions I have a way of making everything right again, the DOR is lucky to have me. I think the most important job that any of us horses have is to make sure that our DORs remember what is truly important in life: the smell of a horse and good leather, horse goobers on a shirt after their horse kisses them, horse hair on their clothes because they hugged a horse, just standing close to a horse and enjoying the peace and tranquility they give you. Yep horses have an important job-we have to keep humans from going crazy.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I got ALL of the treats

Today the DOR had apples in our treat tubs.

Freedom has been in the little pasture next to Salty and I. The DOR thinks that I need to hang out with Salty alone so that we get to know each other. When Freedom is around I only talk to him, that leaves Salty feeling left out. Freedom is enjoying his alone time. He is able to walk past three pastures that have horses in them. He loves doing patrol duty, he is the ranch 'watchhorse.'

Dakota gave Freedom his mush and then brought Salty and I our treat tubs. I looked in and there were apples!!!! Salty didn't want his apples, he walked away after knocking over his tub, so I got them all. I love apples, any kind of apple-even if they have worms.

Worms are kind of cute. Look at this little guy, isn't he cute? I hear they have protein too. I need protein to help maintain my massive muscles.

Tonight the DOR and I did some liberty work. We did circles, backed up, went sideways, and even worked on trotting...it went really well. The DOR had apple asses in her pocket which helped motivate her to perform well. She did a good job and I ate one of the apple asses, that made her pocket not so full and pushing on her leg. Eventually she did so well that I ate all of the apple asses and her pocket was empty. She was very proud of herself.

The DOR is going to E-burg to visit Scooby and watch Hank jump. Then she is going to come out to play.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I want what this guy has

It has been cool here for several days. That was nice because the flies were not as bad. Well the little flies were not as bad...the horseflies declared war. We all felt like we were being attacked by the Horsefly Luftwaffe. The DOR and her friends have not found a spray that will keep these flies at a distance without the risk of making us ill.
I found a picture of a guy that seems to have found something that takes care of giant flies. If anyone knows who this guy is send him our way with that spray can...I have some moving targets for him to practice on.
I think that these pictures are what a horsefly ought to look like. Can't you just imagine me flying around? Of course the DOR would have to watch out for unexpected gifts falling from the sky the next time she tortures me with one of her 'toys'.
Tomorrow the hay guy is bringing out a few tons of hay. The DOR bought a bluegrass, ryegrass, orchard grass, and fescue blend. I think it sounds yummy. She informed me that I could not have any until the grass was done growing. I have informed the grass that it should be packing its bags and moving south for the winter. I want to munch on hay, that way I can stand in one place and conserve my energy. If I can conserve enough energy I think I could run fast enough to fly, or at least make the DOR feel like she is flying.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Report card time

Hank's report card arrived yesterday. The picture is of one of his first attempts at jumping. The rider is forward purposely to keep off his back and to make sure she doesn't pull on his mouth while he sorts out this jumping business. He was just jogging up and hopping over. He is doing much better now after a few sessions. He loves jumping and the trainer is just delighted with him. The DOR is very proud that her 'dumpster horse' is going to be part of the CWU equestrian team. She is going up to see him on Saturday and cheer him on.

This evening when the DOR arrived I was playing with the hula hoop. It is fun to pick it up, shake it a bit, and then toss it up in the air. Sometimes when I toss it up it will land on its edge and roll for a bit. I am hoping that she will find some other fun toys to put out in my pasture.

So do you think the DOR would be impressed if she came out to my pasture and I was doing what the horse in the photo is doing?
Tomorrow the DOR has parent orientation night at school so there won't be a post. See you in a couple of days.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


You can't eat a hula hoop

So I am feeling a bit silly. Yesterday the DOR said she was bringing out a hula hoop to the pasture and I was thinking cool, something good to eat. I was picturing crunchy little fruit circles made of oats and sugar. I could put up with Freedom and his ginormous bowl knowing that I had really good stuff. Turns out it was not what she was talking about.
The DOR comes out to the pasture pulling the wagon with the treat tubs with Dakota following behind her. I kept thinking the poor little guy had a horse fly bothering him because he was wiggling like crazy. I was wondering why the DOR wasn't helping him out. Well I found out soon enough! Dakota had a hoop around him that he took off and handed to the DOR, she then put my treat tub inside of it.

Salty and I had to wear halters so that we didn't try and sneak over and steal Freedom's mush. While we were eating we got the spa grooming treatment. It was nice to get brushed, combed, and our hooves cleaned.
When I was done the DOR decided that it would be a good time to play with the hula hoop while Freedom finished his mush. So she picked it up and rubbed me with it. She then held it away from me and shook it....marbles! The thing rattles, it didn't bother me too much but I gave the DOR marbles anyways-it makes her feel like she has accomplished something when I stand calmly. The DOR then decided that I would look cute wearing the hula hoop like a necklace-as you can tell from the picture I do not think I look cute, I think I look darn silly! I am not sure what she has planned for tomorrow. Do you think if I meet her at the gate holding the hula hoop in my mouth, shaking my head so it rattles that she will come up with something new that isn't so silly?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Unfair treat treatment!

So the DOR comes out to the pasture pulling a wagon with treat tubs in it. Salty and I get our tubs of treats and we start munching. I look up and see that Freedom is eating out in that pasture with us, there is no paddock for him to eat his mush in. I get to looking closer and realize that the old fart has a ginormous (gigantic/enormous) tub of mush. It is the biggest feed tub I have ever seen. I know it is as big as the one in the picture (I added some grass to the picture so you could imagine it in the pasture) and it was full of mush. I finished my tub and Salty finishes his, we both head over to Freedom to see if we can score some of his mush. The DOR flags us off and won't let Freedom share. I go over to the wagon and check the bucket and tubs to see if there is anything there, I find a little bit and eat it. I head back over to Freedom to see if I can get any of his mush, the DOR flags me off again. What is up with that, hasn't she heard it is nice to share? I am sure that Freedom would share, I know that Salty and I could convince him it is a good idea if we could get past the DOR. I was thinking that we could out-wait the DOR, that she will leave before Freedom is finished-no such luck, she is a persistent lady. I personally think that Salty and I should be getting as much in our tubs as Freedom is getting in his. I am not buying the excuse that he has no teeth and needs mush-I think he has the DOR wrapped around his hoof and that is why he gets so much mush. To make matters worse I hear that in the winter time he gets mush TWICE A DAY!!!!
Tomorrow the DOR is going to treat me to hula hoops...I hope they are fun to eat.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Happy Birthday DOR

The DOR turns 50 years old next week. Her family and friends had a surprise party for her today. It was two weeks in the planning and she had no clue. Salty even managed to keep it under wraps. It was great! Her youngest son Dakota was visiting his sister Sarah for the weekend. Dakota called and said he needed the DOR to come and get him because he was sick. So she and Bryce, her husband, got in the car and headed out to get him. When they got to Sarah's house the DOR spotted black balloons in the yard. She saw her oldest son Jeremiah sitting in the yard with his partner Kim and their two kids. Then she saw her dad, stepmom, and a sister. She was so surprised, she started crying. Later some friends showed up, the same friends that said they were busy and not able to fuss with horses because they were heading to town (a cover story in case the DOR saw them on the road while she was headed to her daughter's house). There was a bunch of food, nieces and nephews, all her grand kids, and a real fun time. She says it was the best birthday ever.
Well I didn't want to be outdone, so I gave the DOR the one thing I knew would make her happy...I ate grain out of the grocery bag tonight. Yep, I stuck my nose it that much hated bag. The DOR came out with the tub/bag and I did the obligatory snort and then ate some grain. It was a grand mix of rolled mix/apple asses/NW horse feed/BOS, I think the DOR was giving us all special treats because she had a great day. I watched the DOR take the tub out of the bag and dump some of the mix into the bag. I was thinking good I can eat out of the tub and my buddy can have the sack. That wasn't what happened, she put the tub where I couldn't get it and then opened the bag wide for me to get to my treats. I hesitated for a minute and then figured that if I ate out of that bag it would make a really good birthday present for her, so I stuck my nose in and ate my grain. I even ate a second helping out of the bag. Then to make things really grand for the DOR I let her pet my neck with the bag. I did all this without wearing a halter or a rope. She was thrilled! I have learned that little things like this are very rewarding for the DOR and keep her excited about our lessons.
Freedom and I are now hanging out in the same pasture as Salty. That is going to be fun because there are two mares on either side of us, four lovely ladies. They are already flirting and talking to us. If I am lucky for my birthday the DOR will get me a mare of my own.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Who told the DOR about my blog?

Somebody told the DOR about what I wrote on the blog the other day... You know the one where I was pouting about not getting any grain and said I would even eat grain out of the grocery bag. Okay we all know who really writes the blog, but the ideas come from me.

The DOR has a collection of tubs like the ones in the photo, she uses them to give us our treats in. I get really excited when I see one because there is always good stuff in it!

Tonight the DOR fed Freedom his mush and there was a little bit left in the bucket. She grabbed the bag and brought it and the bucket over to me so I could eat what was left. I managed to stick my nose in the bucket, missing the bag and get the goodies. The DOR patted me and told me I was doing a good job. If I wasn't so desperate for some grain I would have turned my butt and walked off, but I really needed a grain fix. I was doing well until I forgot about the bag and brushed it with my head...marbles up my nose. I settled down and finished cleaning up the bucket. I think Freedom's mush is even better than my plain grain. The DOR put the sack back on a panel where it has been hanging. It is constantly trying to menace me but I am a big tough horse-yep that is what I am. She took the bucket and went to the barn.

I am wondering around swatting flies and when I look up here comes the DOR with one of the treat tubs. I must have been extra special because she is heading to me, nope she stopped at the bag. I was getting worried that the bag was going to get the treats. All the bag has done is hang around and bother me. I deserve the treats! I have been hanging around bothering the old guys, munching grass, swatting flies, and looking good while doing it-that is more than the bag has done. The DOR puts the bag in her pocket and heads towards me with the treat tub. She stops and waits for me to come over, she didn't have to wait long. I look in the tub and there is a bunch of Apple Asses, yummy. I reach in and get a couple and eat them. While I am doing that she takes the bag out of her pocket and slips it over the outside of the tub-what the what? Now to get anymore treats I have to stick my head in the bag-NO FAIR! It takes everything I have, but I reach in and grab a treat and take a step back to eat it. I am a little confused, the outside looks like a bag but the inside looks like a treat tub. I think I can handle this and so I reach in for more treats. I hear a rattle, one like a bag makes, no worries I have treats. The DOR starts walking of with the bag/tub, I hurry after her because the treats aren't all gone. She stops and lets me have one, then walks off again. Before I know it I am chasing her and the bag/tub all over the place for a treat (I am almost ashamed of myself). I get several more treats and then the DOR takes the bag/tub back to the barn. It wasn't empty yet, I wasn't ready to be done. I tried to follow but she closed and latched the gate. I hope she brings it back tomorrow. I guess if a bag has a treat tub in it that is something I can deal with.

I am sure that the DOR knew how desperate I was for treats and used that against me. That is fine, she is happy I was good about the bag and I am happy that I got treats. She better remember that this works both ways. We'll see how things go when she is desperate for me not to plant my hip on her back when she is cleaning out my back feet LOL

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

A horse's view of natural horsemanship

I know that natural horsemanship is not having a naked rider, thank goodness, but I couldn't pass up this cartoon because it is funny. My DOR uses natural horsemanship techniques. I have told you about her waving flags, rolling balls, rattling grocery bags, doing something that looks like the 'chicken dance', and sitting in the pasture reading a book so we can 'bond.' I gotta give the old gal credit, she is persistent and means well.
I ran into this little statement by Flicka while the DOR was doing some of her reading. I thought I would share it because it is reflective of what many of us horses are thinking:

Hello my name is Flicka and my Owner's a clinic junky. Yes, it's true. She went thru her mid life crisis and came to the sale barn and bought me. I spent my whole life misbehaving and being passed from greenhorn to greenhorn till someone finally got smart and sent me to the sale barn. I was seriously hoping to be picked up by one of those show horse fella's so I could live in a fancy barn and stand around and look pretty, but they told me my butt's too small, my heads too big, and the crest on my neck from a bout with grass founder (thanks to owner number 2) is not desirable, and in general I was just not that capable of looking pretty, so I went home with Phyllis instead. She pets me and loves me, and in general I had a pretty good life at first. Then she heard about those guys who whisper to horses. Life has never been the same.
First there was Pat. At Pat's clinic Phyllis learned to twirl a big stick and chase me around a round pen till I was ringing wet with sweat.Once I had quote "calmed down" (I was never really fired up in the first place till that guy came at me with the stick like an idiot) she began learning to ride me with no bridle. Talk about giving an old spoiled horse an opportunity to have some fun! Initially I went along with it. I'd lope around the pen real nice like, and everyone would oooh and cooo over my "natural horse" abilities. Then, just when everyone had gathered around to watch, I would see the SCARIEST!! (tehehehe) Shadow in the history of scary shadows and switch directions and take off with my rider clinging terrified to my back. Every other horse on the place was envious of me because their owners would take them out back and beat them with that overpriced stick when no one was watching, but I knew my Phyllis would not. Eventually Philly (as I like to call her) gave up on the whole natural horse idea when Pat tried to talk her into jumping me without a bridle over some barrels. Off we went in search of another guru.
In our search we found Monty. He threw a string at a horse and talked to the horse with winks and stares. I spent some time with his clinic horses. I saw the demonstration where an unbroken 2 year old became an overnight Reiner. Later I talked to the 2 year old. He was actually 5 and had been doing this same routine for about 5 clinics now. The first time Phyllis broke out the string I again, went along with it. Well, until she got tired of me stopping and looking at her like she was stupid. When she went to get herself a glass of water and refer to that chapter in Monty's book, I grabbed the string and chewed it to pieces. And this is how I got my Jolly ball!
Then there was the Indian fella with a name I can't pronounce. To get the full effect of his clinic Philly painted stuff on my body and put feathers in my hair. I looked like I was in a Costume class, but hey whatever floats your boat. I thought maybe at least with this guy we might get to play Indian pony games and have mock battles or something but no. More round pen work and gimmicks. This time there was a fire in the middle of the round pen and they danced around it while praying that I would become a good horse and always mind my owner. He only took her for a couple thousand pelts and a bottle of firewater.
There's been the Australian guy. Training with a Boomerang while he hopped around like a kangaroo and called me his mate... "Sorry fella, your cute and all but my mate has 4 legs. I Just don't' swing interspecies."
A horse psychic who told Phyllis my momma didn't lick me enough when I was born. A guy who used his hands like ears to talk to me and of course the touchy feely lady. I can't complain though I've got an owner who loves me and has devoted her time to trying to make me a better horse. I really should behave, really I should, but I think I am contributing to her youth by giving her a reason to take me to all these clinics. Maybe the next clinic will involve turning me out with the mustangs so I find my inner wild stallion.
Sincerely, Flicka

I am glad the DOR is benefiting from all of the effort that I am putting in to keep her young and entertained. I am lucky because she loves me to pieces and I think she will do. Her son was teasing her that I am going to live longer than she does...that could be a problem, where will I find another DOR who is going to do the 'chicken dance', feed me peppermints, scritch all the right spots, and love me to pieces?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Please help Red

Red is a horse friend of mine that lives in California with his DOR. Red has a friend who is a dog named Leena (see the picture) and she is missing...
It is sad when a friend is missing. If you are in California and know where Leena is please go to this blog http://babayagasmirror.blogspot.com/ and let them know.
Thanks for your help
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
You also might want to hug your friends so they know you love them, just in case they get lost.


Do I look ripe yet?

The vet said I looked a bit plump. A friend of the DOR said I look ripe. I thought I looked 'fighting fit.' The upshot of my massive physic is that the DOR has me on grain restriction!

I am not amused at all. I put up with her torturing me with her 'toys'. I tolerate getting grounded with good humor. I don't complain about repeating the same lesson over and over until the DOR understands. This is just toooooo much.

I loved getting tucked into bed each evening with a nice bowl or rolled mix and my vitamins. Now I am just getting my vitamins in the DOR's hand and a scritch. I look and look and there is no grain at all. I get grain twice a week, but not everyday like I think I should.

Hey DOR if you put the grain in the bag I will stick my nose in it, how about that for a win-win solution. I will admit that I have some fat deposits on my rear and a dimple running the length of my back, I am trying to get a few extra pounds to use for insulation this winter. Cough up the grain or things could get ugly!
I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN I can keep repeating this as long as necessary. I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN!!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR -even though they are withholding grain and still giving the old guy his mush.


Progress report

The picture on the left is of Hank the Tank, aka Hankamus Tankamus, at a team sorting event last year. He is the DOR's very large, no tail/mane, cow herding, no spook trail riding, load packing appy. She rides him with a side-pull bridle and he is always pretty well behaved.
Hank has been up working with the CWU equestrian team and the DOR got a call today with a progress report. The big guy has been working on his dressage skills. He is doing well with rail work and collects up nicely. He has also been jumping and has handled everything they have had him do will no effort at all. He is working with a happy mouth snaffle bit that he likes. The DOR is very excited that Hank is expanding his horizons and not just expanding his large butt. It is always nice for a horse to be able to develop all of its talents and Hank is having fun with his coursework.
Today's weather was really great! The DOR gave me the night off tonight. She needed to go to a school board meeting. I don't get it...isn't school bad enough without planning for it to be boring? She always takes along a book to read, so she doesn't get too bored.
I have the DOR reading some books on training, nutrition, and she is on the waiting list to watch Pete Ramey's barefoot trimming DVDs. I think I have given her enough work to keep her busy. I am planning of giving her a hands-on quiz over the training material this weekend.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Several happy appys

For those of you that don't know the DOR has a total of seven horses, four of us are appys. Appaloosas are her favorite breed of horses, I think she gets that love from her grandfather. Six of us are geldings, she thinks we are less trouble than hormonal mares.

We are all doing the happy dance because the heat has finally broke. We had reasonable temperatures today. It was nice because the flies were less sticky. Poor Freedom was beginning to look like a Morris Dancer with all of the stomping around he was doing to get rid of the pesky things.

The downside, or maybe it isn't, is that there are thunder storm warnings. That means wind, rain, thunder, and lightening...I think I will be okay. The bad part is that the wind makes my bag rattle.

I do need to brag though. I walked slowly out of the paddock this morning, through a narrow opening (the DOR was playing the squeeze game), right past the pesky bag with NO marbles in my nose. That got a bunch of pats and atta boys from the DOR, she was really happy.
I hope tomorrow's weather is as grand as today's turned out to be.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

I hate flies!


The heat has brought them out is droves. Big flies, horse flies, little belly biting flies...there must be thousands of the beasts.

The DOR has been spraying us each morning which helps. Then it gets hot and we all stand in the sprinklers and off washes the spray. Some of the flies have no respect for fly spray, it seems that they like the stuff. The DOR has even painted us with 'War Paint' so it won't wash off. One particular horse fly just thought that meant that he had to try harder for his meal. She sprays us again in the evening when she puts us to bed, that works okay. She has tried all of the various brands. The DOR thinks that if the spray kills the flies on contact it probably isn't good for us. She is using a natural ingredient spray that has citronella oil, cedar oil, aloe vera oil, eucalyptus oil, a sunscreen, and a few other things in it. The flies hate it, I think is smells nice-go figure. I am hoping that she will find something that works and is waterproof.

The DOR is considering fly sheets but is worried that they may just make us hotter. It should cool off soon, until then I am going to be fly hunting. Actually I have a really good idea...

The DOR can follow us around waving palm fronds to keep the flies away. After all we all know she loves walking around the pasture waving that darn sack. Seems like a win-win solution to me. She gets to wave stuff and we get to be fly free.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, even if they are covered with flies too


It is hot and Freedom is showing off

The thermometer on the DOR's deck said it was 105 at 3:00 pm. I don't know how hot is was at the ranch, it is always cooler that the DOR's house, but we spent the day wondering in and out of the sprinklers.
The DOR came out with Dakota and her grandson to give us our evening treats. That would have been just fine but the old fart Freedom decided he had to show off! The DOR took pity on me because of the heat, she took the bag off of the paddock gate so I wouldn't have to fuss about going by it. She set it on the ground and Freedom came over and picked it up. That wasn't the wost part, he started shaking the bag and walking back and forth in front of both the paddocks. What did he think he was doing? At least when the DOR tucks me in I just have to walk past a quiet bag-not run an obstacle course set up by a senile old horse.
The DOR got the bag away from Freedom and tied it back on the paddock gate. She opened up the gate, but I didn't want to go in because I had to clear the marbles out of my nose. Freedom paraded his butt in and out of my side a few times, nosing the bag each time he went by it...this was not helping things at all. Dakota dumped Freedom's mush, so the old guy headed over for his dinner. The DOR lead me back to my paddock and stood between me and the bag. I crept into the paddock, made it past the bag, and started munching down on my treats.
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again, more playing in the sprinkler. The DOR won't ride if it is too hot, she thinks it isn't healthy for us.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, it is really fun to do if you are wet from the sprinklers


Treat time!

Calvin, the grandson, is here!!! He is already busy spoiling us. I got a plum, scritches, and some extra grain. He spent some time staring at the aliens who are living in a paddock at the ranch, he thinks they are cute (go figure).
The DOR and I spent time sorting out this bag thing. Will she ever give up? Today I touched it with my nose twice and then she let me out of the paddock for the evening. Wow touch the bag get ungrounded! The DOR also walked up to me in the pasture and would scritch me, holding the bag where I had to look at it while she did that. I would stand like a good boy, ignoring the bag, get a few scritches and she would walk away. This process repeated several times. I think she must have gotten bored because the then started walking around the pasture flapping the bag and looking at the ground. We just all watched her and giggled. She then came back and stood about five feet away from me, holding the bag out, asking if she could give me a scritch. If I touched the bag with my nose, she would lower the bag and the scritch me a bunch, then she would step back. I think I am figuring out the bag and how to get the DOR to do what I want: I touch the bag and that means 'DOR scritch me.' Seems to be working so far.
I am going to spend the rest of the evening playing in the sprinklers, it is hot here. Tomorrow is supposed to be 104 degrees here. That is good and bad news. The good news is it will be too hot for the DOR to torture me for long, if at all. The bad news is I will look like a soggy noodle all day from staying in the sprinklers and shade to remain cool.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR even if they are really sweaty


DOR where are you?

Where or where has my DOR gone? Oh where oh where can she be? I am really bored and the nights are long, where has my DOR gone?
For the past few days my support crew has tucked me into bed. The DOR has stopped by each morning to let me into the pasture. She rushes in, rattles the bag (yes she still finds time for that) a couple of times, gives me a couple of scritches, a hug and kiss and then she leaves.
I know that I have complained about her various methods of torture, tease about getting even with her, but the truth is I miss her terribly and I am bored. She stopped by this evening and tucked me into bed. I was so happy to see her I ran across the pasture and gave her a lick on her face. At this point I would be willing to wear a plastic bag tied to my tail if she would spend more time with me. She said she is busy at a conference and that next week she has to get ready for school to start. I don't like this working stuff, it takes time away from me! I think she might feel the same way, she was talking about how work keeps her from hanging out with us so much. Of course it also means the time we get together will be mores special because we won't be sick of each other.
I am looking forward to this weekend. The DOR won't be working and one of her grand kids will be down, he can come out and spoil me.


Here is your bag and here is my butt!

So the DOR comes out this morning to let me out of the paddock where I have spent the night. It was not enough that I was grounded, she had to put the grocery sack on the gate for me to go by. That is it, I am declaring WAR. DOR every time you have a bag all you get to see of me is my butt. Did you figure that out yet this morning as you were following me around? You walk up nice to pet me and I will stand still, but the minute you dig that bag out of your pocket my butt will be aimed right at your face...I might even fart. You think after having this happen this morning the DOR would learn, but nooooo the bag is her new favorite toy. I don't think I need to put up with a bag. The sneaky lady had peppermints this morning, I love peppermints. She gave me one out of her pocket and when I stuck my nose in her pocket to get more there was the damn bag-well I promptly gave her the butt treatment. It didn't do much good because she made me yield my hindquarters and I was right back where I started. I am going to have to be persistent in training her not to bother me with the bag. I have discovered that consistency is the key in training your DOR...so I see a bag, she sees my butt and I may deliver a fart or two, pretty soon she will get it and then I will give her a big horsey kiss.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, even if you have to give them the 'butt treatment'


What the what?

Run for the hills DOR, aliens have landed!!!

I'm quietly munching away on clover and when I look up I see the DOR surrounded by aliens. They have her hands connected to their face by ropes and they are taking her to a holding pen. I am freaking out, the DOR is part of my herd and we must protect each other but I can't reach her. I am greatly relieved when I see her husband Bryce help free her from the aliens and remove her from the holding pen, quickly shutting in the aliens.

I kept my eye on them for a bit to make sure they didn't escape. I notice that they looked quite similar to a baby horse, but they have no mommies. I notice they seem to be grown up, just stunted. What the what? Could these be some kind of strange horse? They must be from another planet because they don't look like a proper horse (the photo is a stock photo-not the what I saw). What would you do with one?

The DOR came down to see me, gave me scritches and hugs. She smelled like a strange horse, a strange short alien horse. I kept bumping her with my nose and looking at those alien horses, she informed me that they belong to another herd, not ours-good thing because they are silly looking. They are entertaining to watch, I just hope they go back to their own planet soon.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Lazy DOR

Yesterday the DOR's day was filled with the ubber farrier in the morning, helping a friend move for a bit in the afternoon, and catering to all of us in the evening...she was pooped out.
Today the plan is to help move some panels and then come out and spoil us all some more.
I have been learning to deal with the grocery bags that the DOR has placed around my pasture. It is an amazing things, they stay where she has put them. Not a single one has tried to eat my face, she must be a really good bag trainer. Freedom keeps looking in them for treats, nothing there-I think he is a bit cheezed off by that.
I will be glad when Dakota comes back from visiting his sister. He soaks my dry cob for me, the DOR doesn't. She says I have teeth and need to use them. Hello...DRY COB is dry! How about you eating a plain whole wheat bread sandwich-nothing but 2 slices of bread-see how you like it. Dakota understands the need for food that is 'delightful' not just filling.
Well I am planning my day. Snort at the bags, eat some grass, poke my nose in Freedom's hip when he is napping, some belly scritching, and I am packing up my marble bag just in case the DOR comes up with something new today.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


My friend Salty the Wonderhorse

Salty the Wonderhorse is a good friend of mine. He would protect me from Hank the Tank, who was so jealous of my good looks he would try to beat me up.
The picutres are some of the DORs favorites of Salty and his boy Dakota. Salty has served as Dakota's therapy horse, he got Dakota to talk and to start dealing with other people. Salty has a bum knee, but he still loves to lope around the pasture with the other horses. Salty also likes to get ridden once in a while, he was an old lesson horse at one time. The DOR says that he is a 'once in a lifetime horse, one who comes in your life and works some kind of magic'.
Salty saw the vet for a check up today and things are just fine. He wasn't feeling to good in the spring, worming upset him a bit. The vet says that Salty's knee is still holding well and that his shoulder is seeing some changes but nothing to be concerned about yet. The DOR was very happy to hear this, she doesn't know how Dakota would deal with any bad news about his best friend.
While the vet was visiting she took a peek at Freedom. Every time she sees him she gets a big old grin because Freedom is doing so well for a guy that is 40. She also took a look at me, she said I was packing a bit of extra weight, thhhpppppp to her. That isn't extra weight, it is all muscle upon muscle baby!
The DOR decided that she has tortured me enough this week. She just spent time grooming me and standing with her head on my shoulder. She was talking to me and telling me about her dad and the other horses she has known. The DOR told me that I was her 'once in a lifetime horse', that I make her happy and peaceful. She is glad I am in her life because I remind her of what is truly important. She was telling her dad that she wants to get a ranch, retire, spend her time farming and riding me. I am glad that I make her happy. I am also glad her dad told her that I didn't look tooo much like his appaloosa mule Weird Harold.
Tomorrow we get to see the ubber farrier.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Poppa and Nanny pay a visit

The DORs parents, Lee and Joyce, came to visit today. She brought them out to meet the horses. Her dad used to ride a lot, but right now his doctor has him grounded. Welcome to my world poppa, did your daughter tell you she has me grounded for picking on the old guys. Now you saw Freedom nip me and the mark on my butt from someone's teeth (no I did not do it myself), do you think my grounding is fair...please speak to your daughter about her unfair treatment of me.

I spent time standing and being scratched. I got the thumbs up from both poppa and nanny, that made the DOR very happy. Freedom showed off a bit by running around, hard to believe he is as old as he is.

The great thing about grandparents visiting is I got out of working, being tortured by silly objects, and got some extra spoiling. If I can convince them to hang around for a while life will be smooth sailing.

Tomorrow the vet is coming out to take a look at Salty the Wonderhorse and to gaze at my muscular self.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


My new addiction

I have a new addiction, no it isn't dry cob or sunflower seeds, it is a blog. Cyndy's "what"? It is a great read and I am finding it really entertaining. Best of all there is no DOR torturing their horse.
I really like the 'sister' lizard. I think I may have found her a boyfriend, check out the guy on the left.
I will give you a DOR update later, but I really wanted to share this site with my friends.


I am an uncle-well sort of

My former owner, the only other one I have had, is a proud grandfather!!! Congratulations, I think that is so coooool. My FO (former owner) is a young looking grandfather (not like the guy in the picture).
I think that grand kids are cool. The DOR has two and I like it when they come visit. They bring treats out to us and like to brush and pet us. The best thing of all is they never wave flags, bags, or other silly things at us.
The DORs new tool of torture is a hoola-hoop, actually 4 hoola-hoops. She got the kind that rattle, the worst kind. She walked through the pasture with them, not too bad. She rattled them a bit, I found some marbles. She tried to get me to touch them with my nose, the marbles started flying everywhere. I want to know where she plans on riding me that I have to be able to tolerate rattling hoola-hoops, a Whammo manufacturing plant? The DOR should take the hoola-hoops home for her grand kids to play with. She could send them to the FO for his grand kids, tell them they are from uncle Jack.
I really just have an issue with a certain type of noise, not the object. Keep the object quiet and I am fine. Rumor has it that a friend suggested tying a windbreaker to my saddle horn and work me on the long line. Yep that would be the same friend that suggested putting carrots in a bag...I'll give that friend a bag full of something and it won't be carrots.
Well FO, when the grand kids are big enough and they want to see the smartest appy in the world bring them for a visit. Oh and remind them that there are no bags, windbreakers, flags, hoola-hoops, or other rattly things allowed.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I survived the night

In case anyone, besides me, was concerned I survived my night with the horse eating bag. The bag was smart and stayed exactly where the DOR put it-good thing I would have hated to have to stomp it into the dirt. I stayed at the far end of the paddock and things were just fine.
The DOR must have felt a bit bad about subjecting me to such life-threatening danger, she showed up at 6:30 this morning to let me out of the paddock. I was soooo glad to see her I went darting to the bag end of the paddock to greet her. The bag behaved itself, I think it was worried that I would beat it up in front of the DOR. I was glad to get out of the paddock. I would have been more happy if the DOR had taken the bag with her when she left, instead she left it where she had put it last night.
I am going to spend the day grazing down by the other pasture. Nothing to do with the bag, there is a pretty filly down there that I have been flirting with that's why.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grocery bag-round two

The DOR went to visit Hank and Scooby today. She was on her way to a clinic so she dropped by to say hello. They are both doing great! Hank is adjusting to 'college.' Scooby is doing a grand job taking care of the orphan colt. DOR misses Scooby, she loves him very much. I know if Scooby had not gone blind there would be an orphan colt without an 'uncle Scooby' to keep an eye on him and I would not have become part of the DOR's life. The DOR finally admitted to a friend today that she believes things are working out the way they should and that I am the light of her life. I have even passed up her horse Moonshine Nikki (the horse she got when she was 8 years old) as far as being the best horse she has owned. DOR loves all of her horses...but I am her all time favorite-good thing I could make her life entertaining if I am not properly worshipped.
The grocery sack is now becoming what the flag was earlier. Can't she leave it alone? Is this how you treat your favorite horse, geeze I am glad you like me I would hate to see what you do to horses you don't like. How many grocery sacks am I going to see when we are out riding?I am thinking if the DOR does not give up on this grocery sack thing I may make her life entertaining just to give her a bit of her own back. Yesterday she tried to bribe me with carrots-it didn't work. Today it was corn husks in the bag. I saw the bag coming and took off to the other end of the pasture, she followed me with a husk in her hand...boy that looked like a good treat! I tried to reach out and snitch it from the DOR's hand, but the bag threatened to rip my face off...damn vicious horse eating bag. I ran as fast as I could to my paddock, Dakota was there putting in my grain, I banged on the gate and he let me in closing the gate behind me-take that bag, now you can't get me.
I am munching away on my grain, I look up and there is the DOR with the bag...holy cow poop. To make matters worse the bag has already started to eat the face of one of my pasture mates and the DOR is helping it!!! Wait he pulled his head out of the bag and head a mouthful of corn husks, he has treats. The DOR tossed me in some husks, but my pasture mate is getting all the ones in the bag-not fair, it isn't my fault that I can't tolerate the bag.
Dakota, part of my support crew, told the DOR she should tie the bag to my tail tomorrow when she lets me out...thanks for the support Dakota! The DOR said that was the same thing my other support crew member Bryce said to do. I think I am going to have to look for a new support crew, ones that are not bag supporters. The DOR isn't going to tie the bag to my tail, it would be mean but she did do this:

She tied it to my paddock!!! Now I have to stay at one end of the paddock if I don't want to be eaten. I tried standing by Freedom, he just snorted and told me to quit being a chicken. I am working on giving the bag the 'evil eye.' Well that bag better stay where the DOR put it and not try to eat my face...if it comes near me I am going to snort marbles at it!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR-even if they are flag waving, grocery bag carrying twits.

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