The Last Adventure of Salty the Wonderhorse and Mushboy

Mushboy and Salty have been best friends for  long time.  Together they have faced a world that was not always kind and understanding.  They formed a bond that was deep and unbreakable.
Salty taught Mushboy the importance of communication, the value of friendship, how to take pride in hard work, and how to love.  The biggest lesson of all was to believe in himself and no matter what have faith and courage to never give up.
When he was younger, Mushboy would often joke that they two of them were like superheroes.  You would find him on Salty's back just sitting as Salty wandered around  the pasture.
Mushboy always made sure Salty had his favorite treats and in later years plenty of mush.
Today they both donned their super hero costumes and went on their final adventure.  They reminisced about all of the years they have been together.  About Trudy the chicken, school, and high school graduation.  Mushboy thanked him for everything he had done to make his life better.
With love, gratitude, and tears Salty the Wonderhorse was laid to rest today.  He is now performing his super hero duties in God's herd.
Salty thank you for seeing Mushboy through school, for being the co-founder of the He Man Gelding Club, for enriching all of our lives.  All of the herd and humans will miss you greatly.
Have a great day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


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