Blog award

Wow, I recieved this award! The DOR is so jealous-she has never won an award for her writing and I haven't been writing nearly as long as she has.
I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Brillante Weblog Award:
Amanda's Veranda: http://amandasveranda.blogspot.com/ When the world seems like it is going to Hell in a handbasket it helps to remember there is great beauty and humor to be found. I try to find something beautiful to photograph everyday and share it with you who are interested. I hope the photos will bring you happiness and assurance that we still live in a wonderful world.
Cowgirl Up: http://latigoliz.blogspot.com/
The journey of a woman and her horses, oh and the rest of real life stuff, too!
No horse will ever teach you as much as your first horse.
I think the world is a perfect place: http://www.ithinkthisworldisperfect.com/ One man's attempt to keep track, and make sense, of the ups-and-downs and side-to-sides of parenting in the 21st Century
Paris Daliy Photo: http://www.parisdailyphoto.com/ You love Paris? You have never been to Paris but you would like a sneak preview? Then come here every day and you will find a brand new picture, taken by one of its inhabitants: me! Wish list (of photos!) welcome.
Scary's West: http://scaryswest.blogspot.com/ This is my world. My original aim was to write about the wild west. In reality, the content is not so much "wild" as it is simply west of Wilmslow. Either way, it chronicles the life of Jeremiah, Atticus and myself, as we journey across the open plains.All the pictures on this site have been taken by me, unless specified otherwise, or unless I'm in them in which case we have my hunk of a husband to thank.
Dani - Torn extensor tendon? We can fix that: http://dani-extensortendondrama.blogspot.com/ Dani, an Appendix QH originally intended for barrel racing, tore her right hind extensor tendon in February of 2008. Surgery was done and I took her in to rehabilitate. She is light. She is beauty and grace.
Crunchy Chicken: http://crunchychicken.blogspot.com/ Putting the mental in environmental
I am still adding to my blog favorites. If you run into any that you think I might like please let me know.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


How to get out of being ridden

Dakota was taking a lesson this evening on groundwork and picking up Ginger's feet. Ginger has turned out to be a great teacher. She won't put up with silly or rude behavior from Dakota, so he is learning how to treat a horse with respect. Dakota couldn't have ended up with a better horse to further his knowledge with and he has a very good instructor helping him along.

Ginger and Dakota's instructor worked with him on leading at the proper distance, stopping at objects, backing up, and how to play 'hide your hinny.'

Dakota worked on picking up Ginger's front feet and then he worked on picking up her back feet.

The ubber-farrier is on vacation and will be back shortly, Ginger is ready for a hoof trim. Dakota might want to learn how to do that too.

The DOR came out and caught me, her plan was to ride me while Dakota took his lesson. Well I thwarted her plans...all it took was standing under the sprinklers until I was soaking wet. She won't saddle me up if I am wet, doesn't want me to get a sore spot. It usually takes several days for the sprinkler line to move across my pasture, so I might get to slack off for a bit. Hopefully she won't bring out a towel to dry me off. If she does I am fully prepared to act like I have marbles in my nose and that a towel is a horse eating object.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Are you my mother?

This is my great-great grandfather on my mother's side;
Red Plaudit was a chestnut leopard Appaloosa stallion born in 1960. Halter Champion, sire of world & national champions. Earned Bronze Production Plaque Registered Halter & Performance. Producing offspring. ApHC #10191.Sire: Juaquin (App) Dam: Wavy (App).
My mom's name is Gems Joker J-ket, her dad was Major Plaudits Badger and her mom was Gems Joker Dawn. The DOR can't find much out about my grandmother, if you know anything I would love to hear about it, I am really curious about all of my family and what they are like.
I have found that my father and mother share a few relatives way back in their family tree. I have some really nice roots in my family tree, the DOR thinks that is why I am so smart and talented.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Brush and fluff

The DOR went out to check out some horses for a friend. She saw this interesting fence on the way there. It is made of spool ends stacked two high and it surrounds a junkyard. It makes for an interesting bit of scenery.

The DOR had appointments today, so no riding. All of us got a good brushing, hair combing, and hoof cleaning today. Harley loves having his mane combed. Salty loves being brushed and really loves having his head scratched. Hank likes having his flanks scratched and his tail brushed (if you can call what he has a tail). Ginger loves having her neck scratched and her butt brushed. Freedom will stand all day for a good brushing, in fact he will try and keep whoever is brushing him from leaving the pasture. I love being brushed all over. I also just love standing with my head on the DOR's shoulder, it is fun hanging out with her.

We are all looking really good. As soon as the DOR is not looking we are all going to roll and knot up our manes, just so we can get pampered again. It is one of our favorite things to do.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Hay, it's what's for dinner-well at least this winter

Well the DOR is getting ready to get hay for the winter. She hasn't asked me for any input. What is up with that? After all I am the one eating it, okay so are the other horses. So let's take a look at what is out there.
This is some nice alfalfa, the DOR doesn't even have this up for consideration. Salty loves alfalfa, but it gives him diarrhea. Ginger has cushings and can't have alfalfa. Hank will eat whatever is thrown in front of him. Freedom eats mush so he doesn't care, he will gum the hay for flavor and then spit it out-silly old guy. I like alfalfa but the DOR says it is not the best thing for me to be eating.
Here is some yummy timothy. That is what the DOR fed her horses back in the old days. She thinks this is really good for horses, but you can't get it around here. So I guess we won't be eating this for dinner.
Orchard grass is a nice hay. The DOR is looking at a blend of orchard grass, rye grass, blue grass, and fescue. It sounds tasty.
She hasn't made a final decision yet, I don't know why. I guess it is a complicated thing to figure out just the right thing to feed us.
I wonder if she would consider a grass/alfalfa blend...then we all would be happy. I got to looking and I think I have figured out what is taking so long. Look at all the kinds of hay there is...how do you know which one to get?
This is fescue, I have never seen this kind of hay before.
This is Bermuda hay.
This is Rye grass

This is Sudan hay, I think it looks a bit odd.
Here is a picture of oat hay, the DOR already said I can't have any of this.
This is Kentucky Bluegrass. I think that is looks nice.
I think we all need to especially kind to our DORs right now. This hay business is enough to stress them out.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I'll scritch your belly if you'll scritch mine.

I did not end up helping herd cows today, it turns out that they did not need moved yet. I was really looking forward to it, but I will get a chance to help out later.

The DOR managed to get pictures of Freedom
and I having a belly scritching session. It is one of our favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon. We scritch each other's bellies, sides, backs and butts...that is what friends are for right?
The DOR let me try out her Aussie saddle today. It did not last too long. The saddle does not fit me right. In order to keep the fenders from interfering with my muscular shoulders the saddle has to be positioned too far back. It works well on Hank, especially with his shark withers. It works okay on Freedom, in fact that is what he wore last year on the trail ride. It just feels silly and the DOR felt it was not the right saddle for the two of us to be using. She was actually hoping it would work because it helps her sit with her butt in the seat better. Well she can just think about sitting with her butt in the right position and quit taking lazy shortcuts. Besides the DeBerg saddle looks cool on me and the Aussie saddle makes me look like a bit of a wanker.
Well tomorrow promises to be a good day for a ride.
Remember to scritch your friends and they will scritch you back.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Get those dawggies rolling

I would like to suggest that you play the theme from Rawhide (use the player below) while you read this blog-it will help set the mood.
Rumor has it that the DOR is trying to set it up so I can help herd some cattle tomorrow. Darn if she isn't excited about the prospect! We have reached the point in our partnership where the DOR gets a big grin on her face with just the thought of getting to go for a ride. She loves spending time with me and riding has become a real joy for her again.
She did some team sorting on Hank last year, yep the big lazy guy can move when he wants to. She has helped move cattle at the ranch on Freedom, he is only interested in sorting out the babies and keeping them for himself.
I have been out loose with some cows this year, no big deal. However there is a bull that is the size of a house out with the ones we might get to help move.
He is solid black, not patterned like the ones in the photos-but I am sure he is as big. Now I am not worried, nope not at all-I am a big tank of a horse. I am concerned about the DOR, she is a bit timid you know and this could just push her over the edge. What happens if she screeches like a girl when the bull looks at us, what will the other horses think, how will I live it down?
I am pretty sure that I have worked enough with her that she is solid enough on her skills to pull this off. I am going to have to remind her that we must look cool at all times so no squealing or other dumb noises.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Three's company, four is a party

Well today I gave the DOR a lesson about riding with others. We have been working on our own or taking lessons by ourselves. It is time that she realizes that we can go out with other horses in the arena. The DOR is worried about what I will do if another horse misbehaves, hey I have an image to maintain so I am not going to do a darn thing if some other horse is being a gommer. I am worried about what the DOR will do, but I am willing to give it a try and trust her not to be silly. I took her to the arena with three other horses. We had a good time and I made some new friends. I had her work some more on one rein stops with the bit, tight turns, and trotting. The other thing I am trying to teach her is to look ahead to where she wants to go, she is bad about just looking at the ground between my ears. What I have been doing is walking just a short way and stopping, after all if she is looking only three feet in front of me that must be all the further she wants to go. So I will only walk as far as she has been looking. She looks far ahead that is where I will go, if she looks at a rock two feet in front of me I will go to the rock and stop to visit. It only took her a few repeats of this behavior for her to keep her head up and eyes looking further ahead. While we were working the other horses were doing some ground work or were being ridden around. I impressed the DOR with my ability to stay calm while carrot sticks, flags, and ends of ropes were being waved around. I even surprised her by calmly walking by the turquoise flag, it usually makes me snort, several times as it was propped on a barrel. We had a bunch of fun! Soon I will be able to take her for a short ride out of the arena.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I'm a star

Dakota made a short film of me yesterday, a very short film. I think the film should have been longer-it is obvious that I am ready for a starring role even if the DOR is not. This is some footage of me working with the DOR to keep a loose rein, she is doing pretty good. I am not sure what the shot of the dirt is for at the end, I think Dakota was trying to make an 'art film'. I plan on making more films in the future.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Riding with a bit

The DOR has been riding me with a halter and one rein most of the time, sometimes she uses two reins. Today I worked with her using a D-ring snaffle bit. I had her work on her one rein stops and direct reining. We also did some backing up, yielding the hindquarters, and lining up to things. We worked on walking and trotting in a straight line in addition to making tight turns.

I am still working with her on staying off my mouth. I had her ride for ten minutes without giving me any directions unless they were needed-it really is hard for her not to micro-manage.
The DOR is getting better about using her seat, legs, and head to tell me what she wants. I really like that better than her pulling on my face.

Here the DOR is practicing letting me wander around without micro-managing.

More practice. I like this end of the arena because there is stuff for me to nibble on. The DOR was getting frustrated with me constantly heading down here, but she was good and let me wander around like she was supposed to!

Working on tight turns. All-in-all it was a good training session.

As a reward for her progress I let her flag the heck out of me and stood really still for it...I have to keep her motivated!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Brother can you spare a space?

Please check out Joe's TB Friends update and help if you can http://www.tbfriends.com/
There are so many horses that need help. I am feeling pretty lucky right now, even if the DOR makes me spend the night in the paddock.


Drat,I have been grounded!

I survived the entire night with the pink flag waving at my favorite end of the pasture. I just stayed at the opposite end of the pasture, take that DOR.
I have been feeling a bit frisky this week, of course it could be the flies bothering me. I rip up and down the pasture on occasion. If a horse fly lands on me I run and buck until the thing is gone. After being bothered I feel the need to bother someone else. Freedom is so laid back the only way you can bother him is to bring his mush late. That leaves the other horse in the pasture. So I go make the other old guy move around a bit. If anyone is out watching they tell me to knock it off. I guess the rules are no pushing around the old guys-just doesn't seem fair. Since I keep pestering the old guys I am now getting grounded to a paddock in the evening. The picture above is what I think the view is like from a paddock-it isn't really I have water, shade, and food it just feels like a desert because I am stuck. It isn't so bad though, Freedom is in the paddock next door eating his mush and I get some grain. The DOR also thinks I am getting to pudgy-is it my fault I am an easy keeper? She also thinks that being in the paddock for a period of time will help me learn patience.
Today the DOR and I worked on 'leading' at liberty. We walked all around the pasture, practiced stopping and backing up. I have to say the DOR did a good job sticking with me. She is making good progress.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


He isn't as dumb as he looks.

This is Hank the Tank (or Hankamus Tankamus as Dakota calls him). We all tease him that he is a big stupid wanker. Truth be known Hank is a smart guy that has every trick in the book figured out. He also doesn't give the DOR grief about the flag, I think it is because he has no tail and can't swat flies.
Well today the DOR came out to work with me. The plan was to go for a ride today, but it is really hot so she changed plans, she had a pink flag! Bad enough I have to put up with the flag, but a pink one to boot is expecting a lot from a guy. Today is really hot, the fly spray isn't keeping the flies off of me, maybe I should try taking a page out of Hank's book of tricks. The DOR waves the flag to my side, I give the obligatory snort-after all I want her to feel like she is learning something. If I just stood there nicely right from the start she would quit sooner, but today I need her to be my 'shoo fly.' I did not do my regular snort and jump sideways it was just too hot and besides I really want her to feel like she is making some progress. If you don't reward your DOR often enough they get discouraged and quit trying.
She scritches my neck and withers with the flag, I give her the wide-eyed look knowing it means she will work at scritching until I put my eyes back in my head. I managed to get her to do five minutes of scritching on both sides, boy am I good! The DOR then starts working her way down my sides and running the flag over my rear. Boy not only does it keep the flies away, but it also feels goooood. I managed to act concerned for a good twenty more minutes. Twenty minutes of scritches and no flies. I did snort at the flag while we were walking to the fence to get my flymask, it is enough to get some more flag time tomorrow (watch out flies).
I have to hand it to Hank, he knows a lot about training a DOR-thanks big guy.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Back to work!

The DOR's doctor gave here the thumbs up to go back to most of her normal activities-thanks a bunch Dr. Busybody! You are responsible for my further torture by flag, I might be you next patient if this keeps up.
First she worked with Hank, I was fine with that. That big baby needs to be worked with. He is lazy and has some bad manners. After she was done with him she headed to the arena, I looked to see who was in there and didn't see anyone. I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as an invisible horse, so there was only one thing she could be after THE FLAG! Drat, didn't she read the poem? I was hoping she was going to use it on Hank and leave me alone. I forgot, Hank could care less about the flag. I think it is because he has no tail and he just thinks the DOR is swatting flies for him. Well I have a tail, I can swat my own flies I don't need any help thank you very much.
The DOR comes and gets me, I guess I could have run, but I have been working on teaching her how to catch me politely and running would have undone all of that training. We did our groundwork, no flag in site. Then we played the squeeze game and she made me go by the flag-that is soooo not fair! I took a deep breath and just did it, knowing that the sooner I looked like I didn't care the sooner it would be over with. Not this time, oh no, the next thing I see is the DOR picking up the flag and leading me away from the fence while she is waiving the silly thing. Now I am in for it, she is going to touch me with it....I HATE that!! I am just going to stand and get it over with, I am thinking peace and love thoughts. The flag touches me and I snorted, jumped one foot up and two feet sideways, with a big snort. The DOR waits for a minute, then is sending the flag my way again. I take one deep breath and wait, she touches me, I don't die and best of all I stood still. I just had to do this five times on each time and she quits. She started walking backwards dragging the flag, I follow sniffing the thing to see if it stinks. I stepped on it accidentally, really I wasn't trying to kill it, and it stopped moving. When I lifted my hoof it moved when she started walking again, I stepped on it again and it stopped. I like stepping on it much better than getting touched by it. The lesson was over and the DOR took the flag away, yippee. Even better the DOR is busy all day tomorrow with RCERs big fundraiser which means I get the day without a flag.
See you Sunday, the DOR and I are going to go riding (which means no flag).
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


On vacation la, la, la

Well today all of the DOR's horses had a vacation because she was busy. She spent the day in Yakima attending appointments.
While we all love our pastures, I was wishing for a change of scenery. So I spent the day imagining that I was out on a trail. I was wandering leisurely down the path with Freedom and Hank (two seasoned trail horses) having a great time. I imagined that we came to a large meadow full of clover. We spent a couple of hours munching away and then we headed back to the trail. We came to a pond and I could hear a waterfall and a frogs croaking. I woke up to see Freedom next to me going pee and farting...jeeeeeze, I don't mind that so much but he could have let me day dream a bit longer. Next time he is day dreaming I am going to stand by him and stomp the ground, shouting EARTHQUAKE!!! See how the old fart likes that.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Flag day?

What the heck is it, national Flag Day?
The DOR was sure busy with her flag the entire time she was out with us today. She was walking around the pasture waving it, dragging it, with it tucked in her pocket, and rubbing it on any horse that stood still for it.
Well I will not stand for her to rub it on me. I will tolerate the stupid, irritating, obnoxious thing if I have the DOR on the end of a lead rope, but that is to teach her manners. I really dislike the noise the flag makes so if she is out there in the pasture just waving it around like a lunatic I can only take so much. I will stand still while she waves it around me for about five minutes, then I usually find something better to do. If I run off to the other end of the pasture, snorting and bucking she will leave me alone for a minute or two. To get any peace I have to let her rub the flag on both sides of me without snorting or moving...I just suck it up and let her.
I wrote the DOR a little ditty, maybe she will get a clue. Of course if I only have to tolerate the flag for the amount of time it takes her to repeat this I can be good about it and she will be happy.
I do not like the flag making noise,
I do not think the flag is one of my toys.
I do not like the flag at all,
I would rather put up with the large bouncy ball.
I get marbles in my nose when I see the flag,
I snort so badly I almost gag.
So please DOR take that flag away,
It should never see the light of day.
If I stand nice while you wave it around my head,
Will you put the silly thing to bed.
I am trying the best I can,
But can't you see I am NOT A FLAG MAN.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Play day-photo shoot

The DOR decided to bring out the fancy silver halter that she recently bought (Annie tell your DOR thanks) and attempted to get some nice photos. As you can see I am totally thrilled with the idea. The photo to the left is my 'can you just get this over with because I have grass to eat' look.

This look is my 'boy does the DOR look silly tossing grass in the air' look. Not only does she look silly, but it is a waste of perfectly good grass.
I am hoping that she will give up soon and let me roll.

I think this photo does my famous ancestors proud. If I have to say so myself, I am good looking! The DOR loves the way I look and that is the most important thing...who am I kidding, I want everyone to think I am good looking!

The entire time the DOR is trying to get my picture Freedom is trying to stick his big mug in the photo. The old guy looks very good for his age. I think between the two of us our section of the ranch should be voted the section with the best looking horses (don't tell Salty the Wonder Horse or he will cry-he thinks he is the coolest horse ever).

Here is Dakota scritching Freedom. Don't let him know this photo is here, he will croak if people see him wearing boots with his shorts! The DOR wants to keep his toes safe.
Freedom loves to be scratched, he would like it if someone did that all day long. I like scratches too. If you drive by the ranch chances are you will catch the two of us scratching each other's bellies and butts.
The DOR put the fancy halter on Freedom and took some photos of him, it is good that he isn't left out. Freedom is one of Dakota's best buddies.

Here is my close-up. I think it turned out really well.

Here is Freedom's close up...pretty fly for an old guy!

Still Hazy here from the fire, it is making the DOR talk funny.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The hazy and lazy days of summer

The Cold Spring fire has burnt more than an estimated 8,000 acres. The smoke can be seen clearly from the DORs grandfather's ranch. It is still causing a haze over the Yakima Valley, but not as bad as yesterday (Picture at top left from a story by Phil Ferolito Yakima Herald-Republic, picture at bottom left by D Becker).
The thin haze has a way of intensifying the heat, making us all feel pretty lazy. I have spent a bunch of time scratching my belly on the ground, rolling, standing in the shade and discussing life with

Freedom. He is pretty interesting, has a lot to say, but he talks as slow as he walks these days-so come prepared to spend plenty of time listening.
The DOR was out to mess around with all of us this afternoon. She gave us all showers, which was nice. I rolled after I got mine, she hosed me off again, so I rolled again, she hosed me off again...I rolled again. I could do this all day. Doesn't she realize that there is nothing better than rolling after you have been hosed down-the dirt sticks better that way. She finally laughed and said she gives up, I can just be dirty. I am glad she finally got it, I was going to get dizzy if I had to keep rolling either that or I was going to have to take the hose and spray her.
Tomorrow is going to be play day!!!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



My DOR has introduced me to a new treat...apricots. They are absolutely the best thing since clover!!!
The DOR and Dakota collected a bucket full of ones that had fallen from the trees outside of my pasture. They gave some to all of us, well not Freedom he was in his paddock eating mush.
The DOR has fed me apples, carrots, dry cob, and peppermints-but apricots have been my favorite so far. I love the taste of them, the juice that runs down my chin. Heck I love the juice running down the other horses' chins, they thought I was weird for licking it off their face, but why would you waste perfectly good juice?
The DOR carries peppermints in her pocket. Some of us like them and some of us don't-but we ALL love apricots. I am working on a way to train her to carry apricots in her pocket instead of peppermints. I know she can't carry as many apricots as peppermints in her pocket, but since my pasture is the first stop that she makes I am not too worried about not getting any...too bad for the rest of you. I guess they might get squished in her pocket, hmmmm I guess I will have to figure out a way for her to conveniently carry about fifteen apricots, maybe a fanny pack would work.
There is a fire out by Trout Lake, which is by Mt. Adams. It is sending smoke our way, I don't like the way the sky looks and it makes me feel uneasy. The DOR says it is too far away to hurt us and that the sky will return to normal. I am learning to trust her, she hasn't been wrong yet. Besides if I want her to trust me I have to trust her in return-funny this human/horse relationship. I hope all of the horses and their humans close to the fire are safe.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The ubber-farrier

Today I got a pedicure! Now I have lovely hooves to go with my sparkling teeth.
Doug Perkins is a Pete Ramey trained barefoot trimmer, all of us horses refer to him as the ubber farrier. I really like him, he treats me kindly, makes my feet feel really good, and gives me treats for being a good boy. The only thing I could think of that would make it any better was if I got a shot of whatever that was the dentist gave me.
The DOR caught both Freedom and myself, then she tied Freedom to the fence while I was being worked on. Then I got tied to the fence while Freedom got worked on. Neither one of us liked the bit about being tied up. We both like to hang out while Doug is doing the other's feet, we nose in his tool bucket, take things out to give him, and try to scritch each other. We also stick our noses in to see what he is doing, after all he may need our expert opinions, who would know horses' hooves better than a horse? Our help is not appreciated and we have been relegated to standing with our noses on the fence.
Hank had to have Salty brought in to stand with him, Salty is like ketchup-a mellowing agent-for Hank. The ubber farrier did his magic on Hank's ugly feet. The DOR said Hank's feet are now as pretty as his face, I am not sure that is saying too much. Hank stood the best he ever has and got a treat. I think Salty deserved the treat for making Hank behave, Bryce gave him lots of scritches which he likes better than treats anyways.
I was pleased to see that my training of the DOR is having a lasting effect. She kept all of us on a loose lead while Doug did our feet. It is nice because it doesn't make us feel trapped. She also was more relaxed and didn't seem as nervous as she has been in the past about how we would behave-she trusted us to be good and in turn we all were.
The DOR gets to start riding again next week, so I have lessons to plan. Any suggestions, something you have taught your DOR that I might have fun teaching mine?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


What, no lollipop?

I was a good boy for the dentist and I didn't even get a lollipop-what is up with that? All I got was a complementary 'bean' removal, just want I wanted some stranger messing around with my willie.
Here I am just after getting my sedative. Okay, so I am a light weight when it comes to drugs. One shot and I could hardly stand, I couldn't figure out what to do with my hind feet. The DOR thought I was going to sit down or fall over, it looked like I would for a minute or two. The dentist assured both of us he had never seen that happen. I am not sure why we would believe him, his version of a greeting was putting his hand in my mouth up to the middle of his forearm while I was standing outside in the paddock, I don't think he has learned his manners.

So here I am getting my mouth inspected. Dakota took this picture, he thinks the glow around the dentist makes him look like an angel-whatever, that is not what I was thinking. Hey, wait I was stoned and thinking about clover, alfalfa, apple asses, and pretty mares.

The dentist decided I needed to rinse and spit before he started working. Seems my mouth wasn't to clean, it had grass stashed here and there, how did he know those weren't my special pieces of grass? I hope he washed his hands before he got started.

So now the real work starts, I need my sharp points ground down. I wouldn't have minded so much, but he was interfering with my drug induced stupor. What is the point of giving me drugs and then bugging me?

Here we are at the end of the procedure. The drugs were starting to wear off, I was shaking my head around. Rather than give me more of the good stuff, the dentist just had the DOR hold my head. I should have acted really bad so I could get just a bit more of that sedative.
The dentist says I am good for a year and that I behaved really well. I went out and enjoyed the nice weather while the rest of the drug wore off. Then the DOR put me in with Freedom. It is the first time I have felt bad for the old fart, without any teeth he doesn't get to see the dentist and enjoy that goofy shot. Oh well he gets to eat really good mush and he doesn't share any with me, so I guess it evens out.
See if you can get your DOR to schedule a dental visit for you. It isn't bad, the drugs are great, and that way when you reach Freedom's age you will have most if not all of your teeth.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

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