A DOR went over the mountain.

The DOR and the Horse Guardian went up to the mountain last weekend.  They got to ride up to the top of Magpie and back down.  It is a bit of a steep mountain, making them work hard.
The DOR promised me that if she is going to spend as much time up there next year as she did this year I get to go.
I love the mountain and I think she should send me there for the summer whether or not she goes.  I am very popular with the guests and I get lots of attention.  At the mountain I am The MAN!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Silly scritch face

Around here we sure enjoy our scritches. Mushboy thinks that Fritz, the Cow Boss's horse, makes the best scritch face.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Starring Cactus Jack Splash...

It was a dark and cloudy day, a perfect day to capture the essence of a snag that the DOR loves to ride by up on the mountain. I am thinking that it would make the perfect backdrop for a bit of a scary story:
Lucky the lumbering Clydesdale was crawling up the hill with the DOR on his back.  His load wasn't heavy, he is just lazy at heart and not working very hard.  What Lucky didn't realize was that a cougar matched them step for step.  The cougar was waiting for its opportunity to snag an easy meal.  As Lucky and the DOR neared an old snag the cougar sprang into action.  It made a wild leap at the oblivious horse and rider.  Luckily for them Cactus Jack Splash had been keeping an eye on the two of them.  He was jealous over the time that the DOR had been spending with Lucky.  The DOR had been neglecting their relationship for the love of the mountain.
Jack moved with lightening speed and planted a big old appy hoof upside the cougar's head, dropping it like a fly.  Lucky squealed like a mare and stood shaking.  The DOR dismounted to check on Jack and at that moment Lucky the chicken took off leaving the DOR in his dust.  Jack kneeled and allowed the DOR to get on his back.  Carefully, since he was not wearing a saddle, he carried her down the hill to the stable and safety.  The DOR swore to Jack she would never leave him behind again and told him he was the best horse in the world.
Yep I think that is a perfect appy story.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Fire update

 This is what the Trail Boss and the Mule Skinner faced late this evening.  There wasn't enough spit, muscle, or determination that would allow them to win this battle.  For 48 hours they held the line and allowed the herd to stay safely in their home...but they could do no more.
Mounted on Steele the Trail Boss drove the herd to safety and waiting trailers.  They are now resting at the Fair/Rodeo grounds.
Thanks to all who are helping evacuate livestock and providing safe haven for humans and critters.  Blessings to you all.
I have a herd of big hoofed appys still ready to do a bit of a 'stomp dance' on the fire if needed.
Prayers for safety and a quick end to this fire.
Cactus Jack Splash and the DOR

Ellensburg and Fighting Fire

This is the Trail Boss, he is a talented horseman and one tough dude.  He has Dos Arroyos Ranch in Ellensburg and is one of the people who is surrounded by the fire.  He and his friend The Mule Skinner (no he doesn't really skin mules) are dug in and protecting the herd at Dos Arroyos.  Freedom's Lady is there and the DOR is a bit worried about her, but  knows she is in good hands.
If you live in that area and have to evacuate you critters take them to the Rodeo grounds.  You can also contact Rodeo City Equine Rescue and they can set you up with a safe place to take your animals to.  If you have no choice but to turn your critter loose please identify it in some manner.  A tag on a collar or halter, use permanent marker to write your name and number right onto the critter if needed.
I am ready to come stomp the fire with my big ol' appy hooves if needed.
Prayers to all my human and fur friends in Ellensburg.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Madame President...

Little Sister moved into the He Man Gelding Club pasture a bit over a month ago.  None of us mind, she is quiet and mostly keeps to herself.  When it is treat time she goes first, after all we are gentlemen-that and she will kick our rears if we get out of line.
The DOR says that Little Sister is like our dorm mom, keeping us in line. Even if that is the truth we still enjoy her company.
I personally think that she is just the boss...the president of the pasture.  Imagine that, our little herd has a female president long before humans do!
Don't forget that I still want to be the President of the United States even though Little Sister is the President of the Pasture.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


He's baaaack?

Since the Hanna has arrived I have been seeing ghost horses...really I have!
The DOR brought home my 1/2 sister, Bohanan's Rhapsody Splash AKA Hanna, and it made our little family complete.  Two full siblings and Hanna now reside at the ranch.
The DOR finds Hanna delightful, of course she would after all Hanna is an appy.  Hanna is a bit naughty though.  She will buck, lift off in the front, and squirt at pressure (she takes after her big brother).  She is given some grace though because she is only 5 and still very green.  The big difference in our temperaments is she has that mare spiciness that I, being a He Man Gelding, do not have.
I was a bit concerned the other day when I looked up and thought I saw Hank the Tank in the mare pasture.  For a moment I thought I was seeing a ghost.  I took a second look and realized it was my little sister.  Now I know why the DOR liked her from the get go, she looks like Hank.  Not only does she look like him, she acts like him a bit too.  The DOR loved Hank very much and misses him.
Now I am wondering if Hank was a cousin of some sort?
By the way, the herd has several nicknames names for Hanna:  Nanna Banana, Squirt, Princess, and my favorite Stinky Face. 
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Go to work!!!

The DOR's summer break, such as it was is over.  She has been back at work this week and not to happy about it.  I made up this special poster to encourage her to keep going to work.  I am sure this will provide the exact motivation she needs to go to work and hopefully enjoy it too!
Yep that's me, Cactus Jack Splash AKA Boogie, the DOR motivator extraordinaire.
Enjoy you day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



Salty the Wonderhorse entered Mushboy's life several years ago.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  The little boy who didn't speak much found a kindred spirit in the unspoken communication that he shared with Salty.
Salty helped him learn to face the world with courage, confidence, and little by little to come out of his shell.  Salty is at least 27 years old and still goofs around like a youngster.  Salty's bum knee does not slow him down, it has however limited his riders to very small children and then only on occasion.
The other day the two boys were hanging out together.  Salty was a bit mopey and Mushboy was missing the peace and centeredness that sitting on Salty always gives him.  He misses Salty just wondering around the pasture while he flaps his arms and pretends to fly.  So for a moment Mushboy mounted up, Salty proudly carried his boy, and time was turned back.  In that moment the DOR was struck by the depth of their friendship, the clarity of what they truly mean to each other and the magic that Salty the Wonderhorse has woven in Mushboy's life.
Well if she had asked any of her herd we could have told her that these two were destined to be together, that they need each other, and their bond will never end.  Sometimes the DOR can be a bit dense.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



The DOR has been frustrated with most of the herd, me especially, because we won't keep our fly masks on.  Salty the Wonderhorse and Sir Darby (better known as Sir Royal Pain) keep theirs on-the big suck ups.
She puts them on, we take them off, she hunts for them, she puts them on and the cycle continues.
Now you think she might find this to be a bit of fun, but noooo she grumbles the entire time.  Things like; fine let they flies eat your eyes right out of your head, maybe you like having the flies bother you all the time, if I have to spend 30 minutes to find one more mask I swear I won't put them on you ever again.  But still each day she goes out and hunts our masks and puts them back on.
She did buy some new, more stylish ones for us.  Little Sister and I appreciate the new masks and have kept them on since getting them.  I am hoping that the DOR has learned that not only do we want our masks to be serviceable, but we want fashion too.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


 The DOR is back and will be staying back for a bit. 
She has been at the mountain for the past two weeks playing wrangler.  She has had a good time and is now ready to face her real job.
Today was farrier day and all the horses were good.  The weather was hot and she was tired so she had the Bull Rider ride Q and Hanna for her today.
She did a wrap on my leg and then went home.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!

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