Get back here!

Shandi went out of the pasture without me! That is so not right. It is my job to keep an eye on her at all times, doesn't the SCC know that. It wouldn't be so bad if I could see her, but the barn is in the way. She could have gone to China for all I could tell. I called and called...she didn't answer back. What was up with that? Half the time I can't get her to be quiet and when I need her to talk not one peep out of her.
She went to the orchard for a walk and a grooming session. I know this because Freedom could see her and told me what was going on. She then went to the arena to teach the SCC some groundwork. Now if she is going to teach a human groundwork she needs me there. I can give her all the tips on how to handle your human. Does she know how to make a human move by just barely stepping on their toe, to use your head to direct your human's motion, to raise enough dust that humans have to stop working and move to the fence to breathe...I think not! No Shandi knows that she is as cute as a button and that her human loves her to bits, well maybe she does know everything she needs to know about training the SCC.
I just wish that after I am screaming my head off for 15 minutes trying to find her she would have the courtesy to at least let out a knicker. I was worried, yep that was it. It's not like I can't handle being alone in a big old pasture by myself. It isn't like there are buggers there that I might need help with. No she can go to China for all I care, she just needs to remember to call home so I don't worry. That and she needs to remember how to find her way back home.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR.


Quote for the week

I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment's gone~ Kansas

Horses live in the moment. We don't look to the future or fuss about the past. We enjoy what we have when we have it. Sadness passes quickly and we don't worry too much. While we can be mistreated to the point that we don't trust humans, we are able to overcome that and learn to trust.
I think that humans would do well to learn to live in the moment too. It seems to me that people spend so much time fretting about the past; the wrongs they feel have been done to them, things that they wish had been different, and a variety of other things. They also spend time living in the future and it isn't even here yet. By spending so much time in the past and in the future humans forget to live in the most important time of all-the here and now.
I have been teaching the DOR to be present in the moment. She is learning to enjoy the present to the fullest. The DOR is much happier now that she is practicing this lesson. Her doctor says she is healthier now than she has been in years. You see she has less worries living in the present.
Shandi is now teaching this lesson to the Support Crew Chief. The SCC spent time yesterday r
emoving bot eggs and then spending time with her in the arena. Before he knew it 2 hours had passed. He was in the moment, enjoying their time together. Nice to see him so relaxed.
I encourage each one of you to pick some time each day to just live in the moment. Make that time a bit longer every day. Soon you will find that your life is much happier.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Freedom speaks Saturday-my chicken: updated with pictures of Trudy

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is off to a good start. I have adopted a chicken or maybe it has adopted me. She is a little black hen and she likes to share my mush with me, I call her Trudy. Mushboy dumps my feed in my big tub and over comes the little hen. We enjoy dinner together. Trudy also cleans up after Salty. She hangs out in the pasture with us, often following me around. She scavenges any grains that did not get completely digested...ewwww.
Trudy isn't the same as having my own calf, but she is entertaining company. Imagine me the rescue horse now the proud parent of a rescue chicken, the world is a funny place isn't it?
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 7

A beautiful evening sky. The colors were enhanced by the light smoke in the sky from fires caused by the lightening strikes during a recent storm.

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

This is the DOR, Jack and his friend Beau put on a wonderful song and dance show for me this morning when I went out to give the old guys their mush. They were up on their hind legs frolicking around. They kept it up for a good 10 minutes...I just stayed around to enjoy the show. It was a grand way to start my birthday.

DOR pays up

The votes are in and I won! An apple a day for a week. The DOR started paying up today, an nice tart Rayburn. Tomorrow it will be a Red Delicious.

I dug right into the treat tub. I ate some of my barley first, saving my apple for last.

Bite of barley, bite of apple...oh it was heaven. I did the happy dance.

The apples were really juicy. I thanked the DOR by giving her an apple juice nuzzle.
The day is so much better when it ends with a nice, sweet, juicy apple...everyone should try it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

By the way today is the DOR's 51st birthday. I know you aren't supposed to say a lady's age in public but the DOR is proud of her age, she jokes it took her 51 years to get here. Well duh...now you know why she is so difficult to train at times. I am working on a birthday surprise for her.


Wordless Wednesday

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is of me and a lovely mare Whiskey and our DORs having an early morning ride.
I have won the apple vote! Thank you everyone.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Shave and a haircut 2 bits and vote update

Good day everyone!!! I am well on my way to getting sweet treats. I appreciate all of the help...keep voting and by tomorrow I will win!
I have to do a bit of bragging about my new haircut. The DOR brought out the clippers, I have never been clipped before. I have had a scissor cut bridle path, but the DOR told me that all well broke horses can be clipped with clippers. Now I am a well broke horse, okay there are still a few glitches, but I want to show the DOR
that I am getting better everyday. So the DOR turns on the clippers and my eyes want to come out of my head, I tell them to stay put and stand as still as I can while the clippers are in the air buzzing. The DOR moves them closer a bit at a time, I hold my breath and stand still. When I drop my head she turns them off, good I am training her to shut off the buzzing and it isn't taking as long a it normally does to teach her this. She turns the clippers on again and rubs the handle on my neck, I stand and drop my head-the clippers turn off. Next they are buzzing by my ears...okay my head goes up and I back up a bit, who wants a giant buzzing thing around their ears. The buzzing continues, I drop my head and the DOR turns it off. HMMMM I am thinking if I just keep my head down the clippers will stay off. So my head is down and on comes the clippers, what the heck? I am thinking she didn't notice my head was down, so I drop it more...now the clippers are on my neck. Okay the DOR has obviously forgot the lesson of "Jack drops his head and DOR turns off the clippers" so I put my nose on the ground. Well the DOR took advantage of this position to run the clippers on my mane where my bridle path is, it tickled a bit. She turned off the clippers and I gave her a nuzzle. The DOR gave me scritches and told me what a great guy I am. Last summer I would have fired up my rocket boosters and launch to the moom...no way would I have been so calm about this. She turned the clippers on again, I dropped my head and she did some more clipping. I stood still and when she was done I got more scritches. This is going to be a good thing! I just have to figure out how to get the bridle path to grow in over night so we can d this every evening.
I think I look a bit angelic with the halo over my new haircut.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

5:22 AM August 24th and I have 42 yes vote! Keep em coming

Kate can't blame you for wanting to keep all the apples for yourself.


Sunset and Loveliness

The DOR sits with me each evening while I eat my treat tub. She loves watching the sunset while spending time with me.
I need to tell you what is in my treat tub...actually I am hoping that you will help me campaign for sweet treats. I get two cups of barley, my vitamins, Source (which is seaweed), a sprinkle of garlic, vitamin C, a pinch of salt, two squirts of probiotics, izmine, and apple cider vinegar mixed in. I really like my treat tub and eat it all...I even lick the apple cider out of the bottom. While I am eating the DOR makes me do bum tucks and back ups. The equine therapist has her doing this because I have a tendency
to have a lazy back and I need to practice lifting it up. I also have to do carrot stretches because I am a bit tight from my massive muscles. After I do my lifts I get my very favorite thing...a butt massage. The DOR has taken to calling my rear the "rocket booster", alrighty then she just better hope that I don't decide to launch to the moon soon.
Any way, back to my purpose of telling you about my treat tub. Don't you think she could come up with an apple once in a while? How about a carrot or two? Why are there no sweets lately. The DOR claims that sugars attracts mosquitoes and that she is just trying to help keep the pests away from me. Well I think that is just a bit of bunk. I know she is concerned about our health, but what about being concerned about my sweet tooth? The DOR says if I get enough support I can have an apple each day for a week. I need 50 people to post on this post in favor of giving me an apple and then she will pay up. So please help a little spotted pony get apples for a week. Tell your friends to come and post-I will be ever so grateful.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR (and search their pockets for sweets)

5:44 pm and I have 25 votes...keep them coming and thanks for your support


Quote for the week

"Mares rule the herd...we just let the geldings think they are in charge" ~ Wise Old Mare
I have found out that this single parenting thing is hard. I am not sure that geldings are supposed to raise youngsters on their own. I used to think that the male horses ran the pasture, but lately I have discovered that is not true. I have realized it is actually the mares that run the show.
I have been watching the pasture next to me and it is one particular mare that runs the show. She bosses everyone around and the gelding seems to just be a pretty boy. So in the interest of being a good parent I have been watching how she deals with the other horses. I have been using the same techniques that she uses with her pasture mates on my niece...things seem to be going much more smoothly doing this. I just hope that none of the geldings notice what I am doing.
I am off to the arena this afternoon to teach the DOR some new things.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Freedom speaks Saturday

"Horses, you can't just pet one"....
I have been watching the humans at the ranch this summer. I know that sounds terribly exciting, but at my age you find your jollies where you can. I have been n
oticing a few things about the ones that are here everyday.
1. They never play favorites with the horses, even if there is a favorite horse.
2. Every horse gets attention every day.
3. Each horse gets its special needs taken care of.
4. They are always trying to learn more about horses.
5. They bring in special humans to show them what they don't know and to do things that they can't do for us; feet, teeth, chiropractic work, etc.
6. They laugh a lot when they are around us...I guess we are like one big comedy club.
7. They mourn with us at the loss of one of our herd.
The biggest thing I have noticed is that no matter how pressed for time they are, they can never pet just one horse. The DOR will come out before work with the intention of quickly feeding Salty and I, she always ends up petting us both and usually visits the rest of the herd. I bet there hasn't been one morning that she has gone into work without horse hair on her clothes. In the evening we all get sprayed, brushed, and fussed over. It seems that the DOR has a conversation with all of us, I have never had a DOR who talked to me like she talks to her human friends before. She asks us about our day, talks about the weather, tells us about her day, and tells stories about her other horses. It seems that to her we are just like any other member of her family.
I don't think it is possible for any human to pet just one horse if there is a whole herd around. The humans here come out to see their horses and they always end up touching, stopping to visit with or watch the other horses they pass on the way to and from their own horses. I have never seen any of them not do that. I think that humans are "horse addicts" and they can't pet just one.
How about you guys...have you noticed this addiction in the humans you are around?
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Skywatch No. 58

Here is a lovely sky and me getting a bath. Hard to tell what is the most eye catching.

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Still, soft moments

Hi everyone! Seems like things have been a bit off kilter around here lately. We all could use some still, soft moments to get centered once more. The DOR and I managed a few moments together. We spent time just enjoying the quiet and peace that we find just standing together...
Sometimes I try to convince her to try the appy mind meld, just to see if we can share our minds. Of course for it to truly work both parties need to have fully functioning minds, I won't comment on which one of us has been lacking the past few times I have attempted this feat. Well one day it will work, I just know it will.
I have been terribly busy with my niece, I was not prepared to be a single parent. I did manage to make sure that she walked behind me when we went to get treats last night. Boy it was hard to teach her that she is to follow me as a sign of respect for my leadership role. That doesn't mean if there is a scary bag I am not going to shove her out in front to make sure it won't eat me. I am trying to figure out if girl horses are supposed to behave differently from boy horses. Do I have to fluff her mane and tail? What about polishing her hooves? Gosh I think I need a back-up mare, or at least one to give me advice.
I am planning on spending today teaching Shandi how to soak up some rays and then stand in the shade to cool off and nap.
Rumor has it that the dentist will be out this weekend to work on Coelho's teeth. Maybe he will pull all his front teeth and then he can't bite me bask if I was to chomp on him when I pass him in the arena.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Wordless Wednesday

We will miss you Ginger, but our memories of you will help heal our hearts.


The price of the ticket

It is me, the DOR.
There have been many horses in my 50 years of life who have given me a "Golden Ticket". A special ticket that allows me to become a member of their family. These tickets have allowed me to experience some of my happiest moments, have made me a better person, and given me more blessings than I can count.
Like every ticket, they come with a price. Sometimes the price is one filled with joy and other times the price seems to rip your soul right out of you. Early this morning the price of the ticket took everything I could do to pay. Ginger took a turn for the worse and there was nothing that could be done to save her, she had Torsion Colic,
my price was to love her the best I could and let her go. She crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by her horse and human family. She was laid to rest by Harley, wearing her purple halter. Dakota wanted her to be ready to give little kids in heaven a ride if they would like one.
Ginger entered our lives in 2006. She was doing her quarantine where we board our horses. I found her to be a delightful horse and enjoyed her personality. We ended up adopting her to be Dakota's riding horse, but she turned out to be so very much more.
Ginger recently gave a friend of ours little girl her very first solo ride. She packed around a friend of Dakota's for Fall Follies. She was a sport and wore a costume for Spring Follies, she was a Hawaiian Princess. She participated in a week long kiddie camp and was one of the favorites. Ginger loved to get in the trailer and go...go anywhere, she loved an adventure.
Ginger taught Dakota that there was more to being a good horseman that riding and feeding, that a good horseman learned to listen to his horse and control his emotions. Ginger was a big girl who was as light on her feet as a ballerina. Anyone could ride Ginger, she always took care of her rider.
Ginger was a clear communicator. A glance, a tail swish, a lady-like stomp were all tools that she used to tell us humans we had crossed the line. When all else failed she would turn her butt, walk away, turn towards the human and wait for them to change their ways...I think she would wait all day if that is what it took to teach a lesson.
I owe Ginger a debt of gratitude that I could never repay. If it hadn't been for Ginger's quiet and caring ways I wouldn't have gotten my confidence back as soon as I did. Ginger lovingly packed me down trails and around the arena, allowing me to rebuild my confidence. It seemed that with every bit of progress I made the more animated she became...soon I wasn't afraid anymore. Thank you sweet lady for allowing me to find my confidence, I will think of your lessons every time I ride.
We teased that Ginger was the land hippo because she was so big. The truth is she was light on her feet and extremely agile. She was also light on the reins and very responsive, but if you wanted to push things she would give you an argument that you would NEVER win.
We nicknamed her "The Duchess"because everything about her was regal. She was always a lady and expected to be treated befitting royalty. I have said if she was a human her voice would sound like Ethel Merman and she would have ruled some small Duchy with an iron hoof.
So we have paid the price of the ticket, we only wish we had not had to pay so soon...it is a small price to pay for the rich blessings one special horse bestowed upon us.
I think a four-year-old little girl paid Ginger the best tribute at kiddie camp. She as riding Ginger, leaned forward to pat Ginger neck, looked intensely at my friend and said,
"This is a good horse!"
RIP Ginger, you were truly royalty.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your horse, take every chance you have to give back to them all of the love they give to you.


This is Mushboy's horse Ginger, we affectionately call her "The Duchess" because she is so regal. She had a rough Sunday. She started colicking early in the morning and it took all day to get her ready to settle in for the evening. It will be a water only diet for the next 12 hours, much to Ginger's upset. She will get a bit of food then, as long as she poops.
The DOR wanted to spend more time with the herd, but she would rather it wouldn't have been with one very sick horse. Ginger was given lots of water to try and flush things out. She had impacted poop removed from her other end...ewwww! Through all of this she conducted herself with dignity and grace befitting her royal self. Even when she was in a lot of pain she was a good patient. Ginger never forgets she is a lady.
The DOR is going to move Ginger in with Freedom and Salty. She says that my niece and I might be fussing her too much and do not let her to the water enough. I beg to differ with that statement. We just try to play with Ginger and it is not our fault she is a bit temperamental. We also don't keep her from the water, it isn't our fault just because she doesn't want to be around us and chooses to avoid the water trough if we are in the paddock-that is a choice she is making. Well if she moves that is all the more grass for us!
Get back to 100% Ginger...somebody has to keep us all in line.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Quote for the week

"It's not my dog"
~Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther

In the movie Peter Sellers is walking with a dog and a man comes up and asks him if his dog bites. Peter replies, "No my dog does not bite." The man reaches to pet the dog and the dog bites him. The man says , "I thought you said your dog does not bite." Sellers replies, "My dog does not not, that is not my dog."
While this isn't a quote directly speaking about horses it does say something about a horse/human relationship. It is a phrase that the DOR uses to express that something is not her concern or doesn't matter to her.

The picture is of one of my ancestors. Now why would I have that up here? Well for several reasons. One is to show how cool some of my family is. The other is to point out that while we may have coolness in our family tree, we are still our own horse and are not a replica of our ancestors. The final reason is to say that while a horse and human is a sum total of their past experience, their partnership is going to be based on the time they spend together building their own unique relationship. This last point is important for humans who work with troubled or abused horses. The human needs to acknowledge the past of the horse and then move on in a productive manner with the horse. While the past does impact the present, when the right dance is done between horse and DOR, it doesn't have to impact the future.
The DOR and I had a great time dancing yesterday, no toes were stepped on.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug you DOR

This quote is a special one for the DOR's Father-in-law:
The turd never falls far from the tail ~Cactus Jack Splash


To your corners

After biting the DOR by mistake the other day, my niece and I stayed in opposite corners for our treats. I did give her the appy glare if she looked at my tub...it seemed to work because she didn't try to steal my treats.
The DOR and I are having 1-1 time this weekend. I hear that we will have a grooming session, I get a bath, we are going to scoop poop from the treat area, there will be play time in the arena, and maybe she will read me a story. I am looking forward to her undivided attention.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Skywatch No. 57

After temperatures in the triple digits for a bit over two weeks, these clouds and the bit of rain they are bringing are so very welcome!

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The DOR bit me

The DOR bit me! Well she didn't really bite me, she grabbed my chin and pinched me really hard while she was talking mean and making me back up. Then she took my treat tub and made me stand nicely for two minutes before I could have it back. She was acting like a mean horse...I didn't like it one little bit and I want to lodge a complaint with the spotted pony union.
You are probably wondering why she would do such a thing, so am I. All I know is that DOR was trying to give my niece her treat tub and my niece was making goo goo eyes at my treat tub. Well that was not to be tolerated so I lunged at her (my niece) to give her a nip. I missed my niece and got the DOR by mistake, you see the DOR had moved and I didn't notice...we both moved at the same time. I nailed the DOR on the front of her right shoulder and she took offence. I gave her my best "oh cow poop I messed up" look, but she wasn't having it and I got in trouble. She said something about biting me back and I needed to let her take care of the other horses when she was around.
I have never corrected another horse when the DOR has been close before and I am pretty sure I won't do it again...she pinches hard.
This has not been one of my best weeks. I have had to share the DOR with Coelho (pronounced quaylow), had social skills class, and now I bit the DOR by mistake. The DOR says it happens to us all and that she thinks the the two of us need some "alone time", so on Saturday it is going to be just the two of us having a play/spa day. She also says if I ever bite her again, even by mistake, I will be needing a dentist...what do you think she means by that?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Less words Wednesday

Well not friends yet, but I could be civil long enough for this picture to be taken.
Both the DOR and the SSC look happy. I guess that is important.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Social Skills

Okay, I thought working on my social skills meant that the DOR and I would hang out and visit. NOOOOO, it meant that I had to go to the arena and hang out with the SSC and Coelho. At least the DOR let the SSC saddle Coelho up by himself.
I had to walk nicely around the arena, passing Coelho. If I didn't pin my ears I got to keep going. If I pinned my ears I had to walk beside Coelho for several steps...that was horrible! I tried hopping a bit, that didn't work, so finally I just decided to suck it up and act nice. I'm telling you the first chance I get I am going to give him a good ear pinning and a bite on his butt. If I could figure out how to get to his pasture he would get a big ol' appy hoof BAM on his painted butt.
I got to where I was good enough I could just wander around the arena doing my own thing. I was so distracted though that I almost had an accident. Coelho was showing off how well he lopes while I was trying to go over the poles, I got distracted and stepped on a pole..the pole rolled under my foot and I almost fell to my knees. Good thing I have appy smarts and speed, I recovered with a quickness and only one other rider saw what happened so my coolness is still intact. The DOR says I should quit fussing about the other horses. I can't help it though, I am still mad a Coelho and I know he wants to kick me. I know it looks like he is trying to kiss me in the picture, but that is only for show...he is mean to me when there are no cameras around. Maybe I should get a camera that I can wear all of the time so he is always nice.
I did enjoy our evening, maybe I can be civil to Coelho or maybe not.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grumpy Jerk

Do I look grumpy? Well not only was I grumpy, I was a jerk!
The DOR took me down to the arena to ride. We were going to have fun. Operative word here is we, as in the DOR and I. I arrive to the arena and who is there...Coelho and the SSC.
Coelho kicked at me the very first time I met him. There were three of us in the arena getting ready for a trip. The mare got loaded into the trailer and I was to go in behind her. When I went out the arena gate to go to the trailer Coelho swung butt around and fired off a swift kick. What the heck was that for? I was being nice, doing what I was told, looking innocent, and he tries to hurt me. I don't think he was being nice and I haven't forgiven him...not sure I ever will.
Well I can share the arena if I have to.The SSC had a new treeless saddle that everyone had to look at. The SSC had a new breast collar that he needed help with. Alrighty then, I understand a human needing help but did the DOR have to help him? Here I was all saddled up and I had to wait to play until the DOR quit fussing with Coelho. Well that was not my idea of fun. I made it very clear after the DOR got on that I was not happy. I stomped around the arena at a walk, swishing my tail as hard as I could. When asked to trot I did my best imitation of a jackhammer. I didn't mind well and imitated a jumping car. All in all I was as naughty as could be. I think the DOR got the message, she apologized for ignoring me, as well she should. I also made it clear to the SSC and Coelho that I was not amused with them, I gave them the appy glare every chance I got. I think I put them in their place.
The DOR says that I am going to have to work on my social skills. I think that means that we get to visit more...that should be fun. I love spending time with the DOR as long as I don't have to share her with another strange horse.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Quote for the week

When you finally get it right you and your horse will think as one and move as one. Until that time you will work at odds and could find yourself in the dirt on occasion. ~Grandfather
So the DOR and I achieved what grandfather described last weekend. For a brief moment it was if we were one rather than two individuals working together. I know the DOR was thrilled, I hope she knows that I was thrilled too. We are both hoping that these moments occur more often and last longer. It is hard to explain how it feels when it does happen. I know that when it does happen I can feel the slightest shift in the DORs thoughts or movement and can respond to them. She feels like she can just think something and I can read her mind.
When the DOR was little she used to dream of being a horse. In those moments when we get it right she feels as if she is.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Freedom speaks Saturday-retirement

I am retired now, well mostly retired. I get to go to the arena and play games once in a while. I miss getting ridden and will call out when horses are in the arena. I want to play, to get ridden, to feel like I have a job to do. It causes the DOR concern to see me miserable, but she also worries about me doing too much. She is working on coming up with a happy medium that will work for us both.
Salty the Wonder Horse didn't take to retirement well at all. When Mushboy stopped riding him Salty got depressed, he lost weight and was pouting. Mushboy started taking him to the arena twice a week for a short ride. Lo and behold Salty put on weight and returned to his perky old self.
I understand that humans sometimes have a hard time when they retire. They feel like they have lost their purpose, get bored, depressed, and waste away.
Yep, retirement sucks! I think that rather than being retired horses need a job change. I can babysit calfs, Salty can still go for a spin once in a while, and Scooby is Hank's tranquilizer. Old horses can be babysitters for foals, a companion for a nervous horse, or many other things. We just need a sense of purpose. If we are a pasture ornament at least take us for a walk so we feel like we are doing a "job".
What do you have your retired horses do? How do you keep them feeling that they have a purpose?
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Skywatch Friday No. 56

Pretty sunset captured at 9:00 pm last week.

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

New camera

The DOR got a new camera and has been playing with it. She snapped these photos the evening that the SCC took his first bareback ride on Coelho. I still think that riding without a saddle is just plan silly! The DOR says that she expects me to get used to it, okie dokie will get right on that.

The SCC really likes Coelho. That is a good thing because I only let the DOR ride me.

The new camera takes extreme close ups. The DOR practiced on some little flowers. I wouldn't stand still enough to do the macro shots, besides yesterday's shot of my butt was more than most of you needed to see. Maybe I will later, after she has practiced more and she promises to not post any embarrassing shots again.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Less word Wednesday

The DOR loves all of the hearts on my big ol appy butt.

Here I am giving Mushboy my "I am up to nothing look" right before I grab Dani's leadrope and start swinging it around. I am thinking I was looking pretty innocent.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Early morning ride

Had a great early morning ride. Mushboy did the camera work...he is getting pretty good at it. It was nice and cool, the company was good, along with great treats when I was done.

Here are some of the DOR's favorite patterns-the stars and stripes with a spotted butt.

I was trying to get Mushboy to give me a scritch.

Here I am doing more work on my trot while trying to tuck my butt up underneath me, it is harder than it looks.

I think this is a funny picture. The DOR is tucking her head in hopes that I will tuck mine...it worked. She can't ride like that all of the time or she won't see where we are going. On second thought if she can't see where we are going I can just trot my spotted butt over to the barn and snitch some treats-keep tucking that head DOR I need the help, yep that is what I need help sneaking to the treats.
The DOR is getting a root canal today...I think her mouth might be too sore to eat any yummy treats so maybe she will give them all to me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


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