Tail rising

So the DOR decked me out in orange. Orange is the color tied to the chakra that I am having trouble with. First I got a nice Reiki session and then she had to make me look like the Great Pumpkin that Linus is always waiting for. I thought if I raised my tail up like a flag she would be happy and take the outfit off, but nooo she made me wear it for a long time.

The DOR used an orange bath towel under my new orange blanket so that the color would be touching me. Now that wasn't too bad, but the orange footwear was something else. I had to snort at the boots and then when the DOR lead me off I walked a bit silly. I did lift my hinds up really good though, I looked like I was stepping over a three foot obstacle. I did get tired of the boots on my hind feet and tried to kick them off, it didn't work. I want to know how the DOR would like walking with something on her ankles that felt vaguely like a rope?

The DOR took the hind boots off and the mounted up for a ride. Good thing she took those hind boots off or I might have had to hope around with her on. I did decide to trot with her, with my famous Jack-Hammer trot, just to make her pay for torturing me. It ended up being a good session.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

Why argue if it works. Good to see you doing so well. - Margy

Desert Rose said...

Pumpkin become you...Jack ;)


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