Signs all over

The SCC and Mushboy came to the DOR's office last week.  Her office is full of horse related decorations, it makes her feel that we are close by.
She has a small sign that says "Have you hugged your horse today?"  The SCC to a small sticky note and changed horse to husband.  I think he may may be wanting all of the hugs...doesn't he know it is nice to share.
I am thinking that I may need to change my closer to 'Don't forget to hug your humans'  What do you think?
Enjoy your day and don't forget your DOR


Leah Fry said...

Mr. Fry had occasion to visit me at my office and commented on the photo situation. There are pix of the horses, him, and the grandbaby. His comment: well, I guess I know where I stand.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I too have decorated my office workspace with horsey things. It helps me endure the work day and reminds me why I work so hard.

Thanks for the reminder to hug my hubby. Sometimes horses and pets are easier to love then humans. ;-)

Desert Rose said...

My hubby would and has said the same thing ;)))


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