The DOR is not straight...

The DOR talks about how I don't travel straight.  Well I have news for her-she isn't straight either, so there.  In fact she travels darn crooked and it interferes with my ability to travel straight.
I have been pointing it out to her for a bit now and she finally got it.  She promises me that she will work on going straight.  A back injury, her heart attack, and just plain getting older have all effected her balance and her ability to stay straight.  She is now working on walking straighter, sitting balanced, and limbering up her tight muscles.  She is also working on balancing with her eyes closed without weaving.  She has ridden me a few times in the round pen with her eyes closed to work on her balance.  She is also using a mini trampoline to work on her balance.  Besides working on the physical aspect of balance, she is also working on her emotional balance.  She is learning to center herself and to focus on the things that matter.
I am glad she is going this.  When she tips and does not stay centered it makes my job of moving more difficult.  How am I supposed to make quick turns after a cow if I have to worry about her leaning and loosing her balance.  She is also working on looking where she wants me to go instead of yanking on me. 
So here is to the DOR going straight...it will make our partnership a much better one.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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