Priceless and brands

 The DOR went up to the mountain to play faux wrangler.  Lucky was busy pulling a wagon for a local celebration so she rode a filly named Raven.  Now it takes a very special mare to make the DOR smile, Raven made her smile a lot.

She had this brand on her bum.  Now the DOR was not too sure but what the brand might have been in reference to her worth as a wrangler.  She said it certainly did not apply to the worth of this horse.  Well I beg to disagree...when compared to me any horse should be sporting this brand.
I think I would look good sporting a brand befitting my value.  The DOR does not like this brand at all.  If I insist on a brand she thinks it should look like this-
Love forever....isn't that sweet.
Well I am not going to get a brand, the doesn't brand horses.  I might get it painted on sometime though.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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