Redneck Carivan

The DOR is calling this vehicle The Pearl Beastie.  She is getting it worked over and ready to pull a trailer. TRAILER!!!! She has also gotten a trailer.

The trailer looks very similar to this one.  Currently the trailer is up at the mountain which is a good thing, I don't have to get in it yet.  Now the DOR has been busy playing wrangler, finishing up the school year, and seeing clients.  So what is the plan for the redneck caravan?  Well she told me that she plans on taking me to the mountain, that is great I love the mountain.  She also plans on taking me to cow sorting events, I like those too.  She mentioned a show or two-those I can do without.  Then there was something about the two of us being able to go out on trails on our own.  That will be something completely new but I think it will be fun.  The DOR also thinks it will be nice to take a few of her special therapy assistants with her to visit clients out of town.
Seems to me the DOR is becoming serious about us spending more time together.  Good thing I love her or I might not be happy with her new wheels.
I am hoping that eventually she will purchase wheels that are more in keeping with my beautiful bahtookie.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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