Christmas Prayer

I have not gift that would show each of you how special you are, so the best I can do is send each of you a humble prayer:

I pray that I have blessed your life and made you smile.
I pray that I have been kind and treated you in the manner you deserve.
I pray the love I feel for each of you has somehow made itself know.
I pray that in your loneliest times I made you feel you were not alone.
I pray for you days of sunshine, smiles, and wonders yet unknow.
I pray for you that your coming year will sing in a harmonious tone.
I pray that you know unbounded love and that your wildest dreams come true.
May blessing rein to you from above in everything you do.

Thank you so much for being my friends, accepting me and all my oddities.  If I have brought you joy that makes me happy.  If I have hurt you I ask your forgiveness.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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