Freedom speaks Saturday-let it snow

This photo is from last year, new seasonal photos coming out soon.
Today was supposed to be farrier day, but the weather did not cooperate. The snow dumped with a vengeance and the farrier can't get here from there. It is a good thing too. The DOR and I have an understanding that I need to be able to keep being able to have my feet worked on by the farrier...it is important to my well being. Yesterday when she was out it was very obvious that I wouldn't be able to do that today. My hip is not working like it should and I am dragging my right hind again. The DOR looked at me and said "Fur face I have been thinking that you don't need to have your feet done tomorrow. I am thinking that you can wait for the next round." She was a bit sad telling me that, she is worrying about if I can get stable enough to have my feet done again. I also know she will keep coming up with excuses not to ask me to stand for the farrier if she knows I can't. Bless her for understanding and not asking for more than I can give. The DOR realizes that there are things I can't do anymore, that I give my best when asked to do something, and feel badly if I fail so she never sets me up to fail.
She is also hoping that another older mush face will be joining me soon so we can keep each other company and swap stories.
Life is sooooo good!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Thank goodness for a faithful Mushboy! Stay warm. marge


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