Pete's progress

This is a picture of Pete when he arrived to do his rehab with the DOR. Worked out well-he needed to gain weight and she needed to loose weight.
RCER took this horse into their rescue and when he was ready he was made available for adoption.

This is Pete today after getting his blanket off because of our heat-wave. As you can see he has made a lot of improvement in the past month and a half that he has been rehabbing. He is headed to his new home next weekend, he is going to a fancy barn and learning dressage.
I am glad the DOR and her friends can see with their hearts and can envision what a horse really is not just what they are on the surface.
The DOR loves helping bring horses back to health and happiness-she loves seeing them get a second chance at life.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

wow - what a difference! gotta love a success story - congratulations to all involved, including Pete, who didn't give up.

wilsonc said...

Pete looks wonderful. You should be very very proud of your DOR!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Pete looks like a new horse with a new lease on life. Congratulations to all who helped him live a better life. Hope he's happy in his new home. He'll have a very Merry Christmas this year I'm sure.

Powell River Books said...

What a remarkable change in such a short time. The DOR did a wonderful thing. - Margy


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