Role reversal

When I first started getting ready to work again I was ponied by Sir Royal Pain. I was a good boy and ponied well.

For the past two days I have been the pony horse. Not for a kind appy like me, but for a wild/barely handled four year old mule. Yep I have some skills...I can hear the DOR now "Well Boogie it shouldn't be too hard for you after appies and mules are only one degree of seperation". Yeah whatever, it takes a special horse to handle a raw mule-good thing I am special.

Here is the report from my therapist:

"Jack is helping me gentle my wild mule. He ponied him yesterday and today I took them both for a hike looking at some fence today. I led Jack and tied the mule to Jack. We ended up climbing up and down much steeper ground than I had planned and we all made it! I thought I wasn't going to able to breath for a while but recovered. Jack did well! I was worried for a little bit especially since I didn't plan to make it quite that hard for him but he rallied very well! I wish I could have had my camera and I would have shown you bcecauseI know you would have been very proud of him, even if it was just being his own weight. We all worked up a sweat so they got a little grazing at the top:) I have put the mule with Jack since yesterday and them seem to get along fine."

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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