Therapy Update

Here is the latest report from my therapist:

Sunday morning we brought the horses in and since Jack and Tootsie Roll were the only ones in, guess you got to play saddle horse, yes that would be Jack! He was very decent and thought about being bad but maybe having Tootsie there helped! Also we have gone on the 1 1/2 loop ride once now and he was definitely tired after climbing but he made it so that was great! He is in a place of needing more miles yet trying to keep his body up with his brain. In other words more miles for his brain! He has moments he wants to be a stinker but has pulled through without a large conversation but he does think he is pretty big stuff! He has been getting a fair amount of standing at the hitching post and likes it as long as he has company:) Also he appears to be moving better with his shoes! The walk isn't as side to side looking and he feels better to me under saddle!
I am doing really well!
I bet I will be taking the DOR to Buck's clinic and Sir Royal Pain can stay home and babysit.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

Better stop being a stinker, Jack. You know they'll only work you harder.

jc said...

Major is very envious of your appy markings. His dapples are gradually fading each year.


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