Shandi is home!!!

My little Lolly Dolly is home.  Shandi has been at the trainers for six months and boy has she grown up.  She was drinking beer and smokin' cigars with Johnny Rango the mule.  She also had a love affair with a warmblood named Ted, they hung out together so much the two of them became known as Shed.
The Horse Guardian, SCC, and the DOR took Coelho and me to go get her.  We went riding in the deep woods. 
The trail disappeared and we went bushwhacking.  I LOVE bushwhacking.  I love the hills and woods.  I want to be a trail horse all of the time.  The DOR says that I have turned into the horse that she knew I was...well that is because she has turned into the rider I need.
Shandi is a good solid citizen now and is surprisingly well trained and mellow for being only three.  We are all glad she is home.
Sorry for the lapse in posts.  The DOR and I are getting in as many trails as we can because school is starting up.  Hope you all are having happy trails too.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

Looks like good riding territory. Is Shandy pining for her lost freedom and loves? - Margy

Sir Darby said...

She seems to be making do with a fancy Lipizzan gelding for a love interest. For entertainment she is harassing the mares and then running like the wind :)


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