Welome home Little Sister!

This lovely horse is Little Sister, she is Friend's mother and my distant cousin.  The DOR found her and other members of Friend's family after he passed away.  She got to meet his full siblings and both of his parents.  After meeting Little Sister, she found where his baby doll head and lovely temperament came from.  She has been working for several months to bring her home to the herd to retire.  Yesterday the DOR and Horse Guardian picked her up and brought her home.
Little Sister is the mother of National and World Champions, the daughter of a very famous horse.  She is 20, has lost some vision in her left eye, and needs TLC.  Little Sister was with a herd of 20+ brood mares and her gentle nature put her at the bottom of the herd pecking order, which got her run off food most days.  Now she has her own pasture until her weight is good and mush once a day.  Little Sister is going to live the rest of her life being pampered and loved.  I am glad she is here, I miss Friend too and she is very much like him.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

That is so wonderful to honor your Friend in such a loving way.

fernvalley01 said...

Yay for Little Sister and the DOrR


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