There are limits

For those of you who have be familiar with me for a bit my next statement will come as no surprise.
I am still not fond, actually I fear, white grocery sacks!
I have become a good solid citizen since the DOR got me.  I rarely hop or buck, I try hard to do what is asked of me, and I take good care of the DOR when we are on the trail.  But even Superman had limits, he could never get past the effects that kryptonite had on him.  Well I may never get past the effects that a white grocery sack has on me.
The DOR has tried everything.  She tied one to my saddle when she was lunging me-took me almost an hour to quit running in circles like a crazy horse.  She would put my treats in a tub put inside a treat bag-I gave up treats, after all I have to watch my figure.  She hung white grain bags over my hay tub-I lost weight grabbing mouthfuls of hay and running off to eat.  She did catch me after I had been on the trail for a day and managed to rub me down with one of the blasted bags.  I was too tired to do much and was pretty itchy so I was able to hold myself together.
Well Superman and I will just keep working on our one big weakness until we beat it.
Look! It's a bird, it's a plane...no it isn't Superman-it is Superappy leaping a grocery sack in one mighty bound.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

That's a great picture. My Misty hated them with a passion too. Always had to be on the lookout just in case. - Margy


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