The DOR went up to the mountain again.  She went without me again.  To make it even worse she took my bridle and used it on Lucky.  I am so not happy about that!  She also took my saddle pad.  She claims it was so she would feel like I was with her-whatever, talk to the hoof!
I think she should just take me with her if she want to feel like I am there with her.
I think I will take up carrying her hat around with me.  That way I can feel like I pinched her head off for leaving me behind.
By the way Lucky, I look much better in that bridle than you do and I will always be her favorite.
The DOR was also promoted to a full wrangler, although she likes the title faux wrangler better.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

When I was in junior high school and riding a rental horse at the neighbourhood stable, his name was Lucky. If he wasn't available when I arrived, I would wait the hour until her returned. Maybe he didn't think it was so lucky to have to go out for two rides in a row. - Margy


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