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I have been missing in action for a bit.  Things are fine, just busy with lots of puzzling about things. The DOR had a hard time with her dad being gone this Thanksgiving, it made her very sad.
The world seems to be a bit wakko outside of our pastures.  We horses just sigh and shake our heads at the behavior of some humans.
I do want to point out that there is still so much happiness in the world.  Take a look at this photo of a boy and his very own, and 1st, horse.  Joy!!!!
The young man is Sharkbait, the DOR's grandson.  The horse is King Henry, aka Hank, he has come to retire with our herd.  King Henry was one of the DOR's co-workers up at the mountain for the past two years.  He was the go to horse for kids and nervous riders.  He performed his job with pride and competence.  As a reward for his service, and while he is still sound and in good health, Red (owner of the mountain horses) decided to retire him.  Now he owns a little boy of his own and the little boy is delighted.
If humans could learn to be like horses there would be less violence and more joy in the world.  I encourage all humans to make an effort to spend a day with a herd of horses.  Watch how we live, how we communicate, how we treat each other then go out to the world and teach other humans what we do.
The DOR says that God sent horses to humans so they would see how he intended humans to live.
May you find peace, love, and joy in the coming days.  Remember to live and eat like a horse.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

That boy looks overjoyed, and I am sure his horse is as well. I remember getting my first horse. It was a momentous day. But so was the day my second was born, and my third was delivered by Santa (when I was in my 40s). There's nothing like a horse to put the world in perspective. - Margy


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