New Years Revolutions...I mean Resolutions

It is New Years Eve and the time of year that humans make resolutions.  The DOR was quick to point out that I should probably make some for the upcoming year, so I will oblige her since it will mean extra cookies for me if I do.  Yes I can be bought for a cookie-is that a bad thing?
My New Years Revolutions Resolutions:
1.  I will not make pinnie ears at other horses who ask for attention from the DOR (unless it is Tahkoe the Terrible, then I might even snap my teeth because she irritates me).
2.  I will not step away from the mounting block when the DOR goes to get on (unless she has made me stand there for too long, then stepping off is fair to teach her to hurry up).
3.  I will not groan when the DOR gets seated for a ride (she could help with this by loosing 1/2 a ton).
4.  I will not tear the straps of my winter blanket (unless the DOR puts one on me that is in direct violation of the code of conduct for the He Man Gelding Club).
5.  I will not use my nose to shove the DOR in the butt when she is bent over so she falls flat on her face (unless there is a puddle handy, then it simply must be done).
6.  I will not buck while being ridden (unless my rider asks for it and then I must do as asked).
7.  I will not fart or poop while the farrier is working on my back feet (unless I absolutely can't help myself)
8.  I will come when the DOR calls me and not make her hike across the pasture (unless she is working on her weight and then I am going to make her chase me to heck and back).
9.  I will not mug the DOR for cookies and peppermints (unless she has them in her pocket and then I am reaching right in there and nabbing those suckers).
10.  I will never forget to hug and smooch my DOR every time I see her (sometimes I might have to do it twice)
Blessings for your New Year and thanks for being my friends.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Strawberry Lane said...

That is a wonderful list for the coming year. Your DOR (and your farrier) will appreciate it. Now, I need to show this to Royal.

Florida Beach Basics said...

you are SO handsome! Happy New Year to you, DOR, Mushboy, and the rest of the folks and critters.

Powell River Books said...

Some good revolutions/resolutions. Happy New Years. - Margy

Vixen said...

A good start to the New Year. You have to do what you have to do...

Happy New Year to you and your DOR.


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