Recapturing the DOR's youth

The DOR put the buckin riggin on me. I was not too sure what she was thinking. Yes it is spring, yes I have been known to buck, but really what good was that itty bitty little strap and handle going to do her if I decided to cut loose?  Was she really going to ride me with no saddle and just a halter?  Her confidence was as large as her weight if she was doing that.
Turns out that it was just a security blanket for her.  She has never ridden me bareback.  I am a bit sensitive to the leg and she has worried about me squirting out from under her.  In her younger days, back before cell phones and Internet, she rode her horses bareback quite often and loved it.  I guess she is feeling the need to recapture a bit of her youth now that her hair is mostly grey.
So after a bit of maneuvering I lined up to the fence so she could get on.  Yes it is true, she climbed up on the rail fence-can you believe it?  I gave her a bit of a small squirt just to keep her on her toes, after all if I was too good she would wonder what happened to her bad boy Boogie.

I surprised her with a nice slow jog.  She was able to ride on a loose rein with princess fingers and a big grin.  She has a great time and even handled things well when I started to do my freight train trot.
We had a great time and it did a lot to help strengthen our relationship.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad you were so good for your mom and didn't pull any shenanigans ! Youth has definitely been recaptured for your DOR! Nice ride.


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