Passing the Torch

This is the kitchen at the DORs house.  It is big enough for her entire herd to fit in, so I think she should make it a place for us...
That aside it was the kitchen her grandmother designed and her grandfather, dad, and uncles built.  The house is close to 70 years old now and oh the memories that have been made in this kitchen...all without a single horse being present.
The DOR's grandmother made many a family meal and hosted lots of family gatherings here.  Now the torch has been passed and the DOR is the cook and host.  This year was the first time all the children and grandchildren have been home to celebrate.  What an event it was...the DOR even had leaky eyes.
Funny how thing change and responsibilities shift from one individual to another.  It happens in all herds.
I am the leader of the band...king of boogie...heck I am Boogie!  While there is a herd that I share the DOR with I am still the host with the most!!
I don't worry about passing the torch because I now it will never need to happen.  I do know that when the DOR looks at this kitchen she does think about who will be there when she is gone. I think that is a silly thing to think about...she needs to be thinking about how she is going to get me in there so I can join the next party.  She darn well better make sure I get in there before she takes that little stinker Widgett in or I will plot my revenge.
Here is to all of the generations past and future-may you be warm, happy, well fed, and always loved
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

My grandparents' house was built in 1924. We had many a family gathering there, even with their great-grandkids. They are long gone, but I have so many happy memories of that place. It is still standing.
~~Cheryl Ann~ (Quad Dean)


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