Feelin' hot hot hot!

The DOR does not do well in 100+ degree weather. I have to make sure not that she does not get too hot. I have just been having her do one hour of ground work in the late evening, trying to help her stay cool. The other thing is I keep an overhead sprinkler on at the arena so she can stand in the mist and stay cooler. I also will spray my DOR with the hose. She gives me a nice hose down when we are done working, I make sure and mouth the end of the hose which shoots a blast of spray at my DOR-she loves it!

My DOR has been making progress and I am very proud of her. We are now able to do some simple at liberty movements; yeilding my hindquarters, yeilding my head, changing eyes, walking the arena, backing a few steps, and going sideways in both direstions. There are times she looses focus and I can't keep her on task, but she is getting better with each session. I have also had her working her arms out with the flag.

This week looks like it will be to hot to do much more than spend some quality time with the DOR letting her brush me, clean my hooves, and possibly short sessions in the arena late at night.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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