Learning to make friends with traffic cones.

So my DOR takes me to the arena to "play", I like playing so this seems like a good idea. She is leading me around, showing me the toys and I am really happy to see a bunch of stuff to pick up and chew, toss around, and investigate. Do you think she will stop and let me look? Nooooo, she just keeps walking and talking...what the heck, I am seeing all kinds of things I want to get to know.
I keep looking at things and then looking at the DOR; she just smiles, pats my neck and keeps walking. Geeeze I am talking to you lady, I want to play with that cone I looked at, STOP ALREADY. I snort at a cone as we go by it for the 5th time, I am trying to let it know I might like to be its friend but "merry legs" here won't slow down. The next thing I know the DOR stopped. I looked at the cone, looked at her and rub her shoulder with my head (rewarding her for stopping) and I turn my attention back to the cone. After about 10 seconds of time to get to know the cone DOR decides that is enough and starts walking again-what the heck I wasn't done yet, I hadn't got to toss it around. HMMMM, how to get her to stand still? We get to the next cone, I snort, she stops, and I get some time to play with the cone. Seems to be a pattern here...I snort, she stops-this is going to be fun. I start snorting at everything and she stops, boy she learns quick. I also taught her to stay at the object as long as I am snorting. We get to a toy, I snort, she stops, I play with the toy and keep snorting and she just keeps standing there patiently until I quit snorting and then we move on to the next toy I want to play with.
So my DOR has the snort command down really well.
I am hopeful that by the end of the summer I will have the DOR responding to my commands to a level that she won't embarrass me in public.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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