I got new treats

I have new supplements in my treats. They are designed to help support my continued recovery. Unlike Sir Darby, I am not picky about what is in my treats. I will eat my supplements straight from the DOR's hand. Yep vitamin E I munch it, apple cider vinegar I drink it, and SOD I inhale it...I eat just about anything.
The DOR told me that I will be going to the rehab facility next week. I will be there for two weeks...I hate leaving home. The last time I left I got very angry with the DOR, I didn't like her sending me away. She promises lots of visits this time. She also made it clear I have to do this to keep getting better. I will be at Willow Creek Rehabilitation Center...you can send treats if you want LOL
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

Star is so picky about treats, she HATES anything that remotely smells"supplement" :)

Good Boy Jack and get all better

Grey Horse Matters said...

Such a good boy with your supplements. I'm sure you'll have a great time at the rehab center. Good luck I'll be thinking about you.

mosul blog said...

good boy, eat more to be healthy

mrscravitz said...

I know you will miss your DOR but she knows best. Where is this Willow Creek Rehab center?

Florida Beach Basics said...

think of it as a spa vacation. send postcards, and take care. marge


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