Quote for the week

It was a flabberbooster

Mushboy made up the word flabberbooster. He uses it to describe things that are at an extreme somehow.

Flabberbooster seems to be a fitting description of the kind of wind that we have had this week. Flabberbooster would have been a good description of when I dismounted the DOR a couple of years ago. Flabberbooster could also be a good additive to a saying like "I hope your week is flabberboostering happy"

How could you use the word flabberbooster?

Enjoy your week and don't forget to hug your DOR!


EvenSong said...

I voted for Shandi--as long as we still get to here from Freedom on Saturdays, and occasional guest posts from Salty. I don't think Shandi's ever gotten a turn!
Have a flabberboosting spring!

Florida Beach Basics said...

good one, Mushboy. I'm flabborboosted!


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