Killer tumbleweeds

After being attacked by a giant herd of tumbleweeds last year on a trail ride, I have learned not to trust the marauding plants. Shandi has not learned how fickle these plants can be yet. One entered our paddock and she went over to talk to it. The next things I know it attacked her face! Oh my! What was I to do? I couldn't let it eat her face...so I found my big brave spots and rescued her.

So I stepped in and help free her from the horse eating weed. It was tricky, the weed threatened to eat me. I had to extract her from its grasp carefully so as not to cause her any harm.

Then I showed Shandi how to dispose of a tumbleweed by eating it. Granted this one was old and slow moving, but it was still dangerous.
The DOR was very proud of me, she was pleased to see me step up and be a good uncle by taking care of my Shandi Doll. I know the SCC is glad too, he wouldn't have liked it if the tumbleweed ate of Shandi's face.
I just want to warn you to be careful out there, the older tumbleweeds are looking to prey on the weak and helpless.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

tumbleweeds do eat horses, Star knows this for a FACT, and so do orange recycle bins and goats with bell collars.

Jack is very brave ;)

Pony Girl said...

Cute! Do they actually eat them, are they very tasty? Look a little dry to me, LOL! :)

Desert Rose said...

those tumble weed are all over the place here too and they move really fast when the wind is gusting...but you would not be allowed to run fromthem Jack, you would have to stand and face them just like you did here!!!


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