Freedom speaks Saturday

This photo is of Mushboy and me at Spring follies, I went as the King of B-BQ.
It takes a strong person to own an old toothless horse. Really, you need some muscles! Take my 15 pounds of dry feed, soak it with enough water to make mush that is easy to eat and it weighs 50 pounds. Then move that mush on city block over bumpy ground and thick grass. Even with a wagon that is a chore. Then toss in doing that twice a day (except in the summer months), regardless of the weather. I am fortunate that I have such a person-Mushboy.
Mushboy picked me out to rescue. I was skinny, really skinny, and had two retired bucking horses helping me stay safe and upright. In return I have packed Mushboy around the pasture until I retired. Now the two of us play in the arena on occasion. Mushboy makes my special mush just the way I like it. In the winter he makes sure is is warm. He blankets and unblankets me as needed, checks my water, and best of all he makes sure I get scritched everyday.
He is also emotionally strong. He knows that I am getting really old and that soon I will need to leave him as much as I don't want to do so. Mushboy tells me that I need to do what is best for me. He tells me he would like me to live with him forever, but he knows that might not be what I want to do. I can tell you that the love and determination of this young man helped me recover when he rescued me. His love keeps me going when I feel like I am too tired. My love for him will keep me ticking until I have no more to give...who knows that just might be forever.
Life is so good!


Grey Horse Matters said...

What a great mush boy you have. You are really a lucky horse to have some one who loves you so much and takes care of you. I hope you live forever to keep him company.

Leah Fry said...

Stop making me cry, you old fart!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

However long you share with Mushboy, you will live in his heart and many others forever.Mine too. tears

Florida Beach Basics said...

you two are so lucky to have found each other.


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