Quote for the week

If you want to improve and get well you have to work, help me out here will you?
The DOR was a bit hacked off at me the other day. I would walk along just fine while we were doing our pony work. The DOR would visit with Sir Royal Pain and myself and was enjoying the ride. Then would come time to trot... The DOR has been working with SRP to trot slower so I wouldn't have to work too hard and he has finally gotten down a nice western jog. She would get me slightly ahead of SRP's shoulder and then cue us both to trot. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to see if the DOR was practicing her centered riding and if she was firm in her seat, after all I want her to get better at riding. Soooo with that in mind I would just keep walking or stop altogether, depending on what I wanted her to learn. Oh my would I get a dirty look and the DOR would scold me a bit. She knew I was being a bit of a twit because she knows that I know how to pony like a good boy. Well I am a bit cheesed that I have to follow SRP around to begin with and he kept giving me pinny ears when I tried to smooch him.
I forgot that the DOR used to compete as a power lifter and boy did I get my antics handed to me after a few times of not listening. SRP is a big boy and the DOR planted her hand on her thigh and clamped her arm to her side and off they went at a trot...I had to go or get dragged, it was like getting towed behind a truck. Well I decided that cooperation was the better idea so around we trotted, walked, and trotted some more. We did trotting turns, figure eights, and we even backed a few steps. The DOR says that soon we will be good enough to have a bit of a change of views and leave the arena. Until then I am going to keep working on getting better...but at what I am not telling
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very funny. You sound like you are be the royal pain here mister. If you just be good you can change your scenery a bit.

Desert Rose said...

If you drag your DOR out of the saddle...you will have a pain on your ass JACK!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your DOR was a Power Lifter??!!!

Yikes, Jack! You better be on your best behavior.

And whatever you meant by:
"Until then I am going to keep working on getting better...but at what I am not telling"

had better be on the up and up, you handsome spotted pony!



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