Yippeee, I had a great time yesterday. I went to the cow pasture and Sir Royal Pain and the DOR ponied me around. I loved trotting out there, in fact I offered to lope and was told that we were not doing that. The only bad part about the pasture work was that SRP did his pinny eats and snapped at me when I tried to smooch his face. The DOR got after me too... It seems that I am not supposed to get ahead of her stirrup, every time I do she snaps my lead and growls my name. Good thing her stirrups are blingy, make them easier for me to see.

After our time in the pasture the DOR took us on a road trip down around the ranch. SRP does not like getting sprayed by the sprinklers so he did a bit of dancing. I stopped because I like getting sprayed, okay I also stopped to get even with SRP for snapping his teeth at me when I tried to smooch him. The DOR sorted us both out and we headed back to my pasture.
The DOR says I need to quit trying to smooch SRP because I have to good bites on my neck that he has given me for trying. I keep thinking that he should just let me smooch him and be done with it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

SRP, just doesn't understand , I guess you will have to smooch the DOR instead.BTW Did the DOR appreciate you stopping in the sprinklers?

Grey Horse Matters said...

You know Jack if you would just behave it would be more enjoyable for everybody concerned. And you wouldn't get any more bites even though I know smooching SRP is your way of saying how much you like him. Tell the DOR for me that she's looking good!


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