Freedom speaks Saturday

The DOR headed out early this morning, really early. She and a friend are taking three horses to Ellensburg for the competitors riding in the CWU Western Equestrian event to ride. I am glad I am fully retired....3:30 am is too blasted early for me.
The DOR did tell me that if this had been a few years ago I could have gone. I would have showed all those youngster a thing or two that is for sure. As it is the youngest horse that is going today is a spry 18 years old.
Oh to be able to go and see them show off, but I will be catching all of my zzzz's and eating my mush. Good luck and good show to my friends who are going.
Life is so good!


Shinade said...

I just happen to look down at my blog roll and see you had a new post so I wanted to stop by and say hi Jack!

It sounds as if you and your DOR are having a great weekend. I hope you are anyway!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful Appaloosa:)
That's too darn early for me too!


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