Time for therapy.

The DOR's oldest son, the Musician, is home for a visit. This is a photo of him having a hot sauce eating contest with Mushboy...Mushboy won.

The DOR has asked me to pay some special attention to the the Musician, seems he needs some horse therapy. His life is going through some big changes and he is having a hard time right now, home is where he needs to be. I am going to help his heart heal and teach him to find the same joy in life that I showed to the DOR. By the time the herd is done with the Musician he will be whole and happy again.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Shinade said...

Awwww....sending hugs to all of you Jack!! If anyone can do this it is you and your wonderful DOR!!

Yummmm...hot sauce, I am just headed for a little snack myself!!

Happy day to all:-)

Lui,Heaven said...

Glad that your DOR has opened her heart, arms and door to someone who needs it.

Of course, on most days, the DOR's arms are just for you.

SO since you get your daily hugs, here's a drooly kiss and warm hug to the DOR!


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