Freedom speaks Saturday

Here is 'Not Just Any Pete' this week. He has been gaining steadily and is adjusting well to ranch life. The farrier was pleased at how well he behaved to have his racing shoes pulled and his feet trimmed two weeks ago. Pete is having a visitor today. A lady is interested in adopting him from RCER to be a dressage horse. I hope he steals her heart!
I have been feeling like a young whipper snapper with this cooler weather. While I am a bit slower in my old age I still have a spring in my step. I am happy that the DOR listened to my advice and is getting Curly Friend to be her endurance horse. Now I don't have to worry about where he will end up and I know he will always be taken good care of.
The DOR tells me I do an excellent job watching over all of the ranch critters. What she doesn't realize is my main job is watching over her and Mushboy...I want them to be safe and happy.
The snow is coming and I have a real furry coat going. My mush has been doubled, I have my shelter and a friend to snuggle next to if needed, and my warm blankey for when it is real cold. I am looking forward to what this season brings.
Life is soooo good!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Folks that have critters looking out after them are lucky indeed!

Leah Fry said...

I hope Pete finds the perfect person.


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