Quote for the week

If it doesn't have spots it can't possibly be a "real" horse
~Cactus Jack Splash

The horse in the photo is an Icelandic named Mighty Mouse (Mäktign Müs).
Yeah that's right I have an "ism". I suffer from spotism...if a horse does not have spots it can't possibly be a real horse, it is just a second-class impersonator.
Now we accept Shandi because she is a baby and she is my Doll. Salty has some mottled skin, so we have made him an honorary appy. But this little stud in the photo-NO WAY! I don't care that he has a wavy mane like Friend. I don't care that he is the size of my Shandi Doll. I don't care if he has a smoochy nose. He better develop spots if he plans on being part of this herd, otherwise the most he can hope for is to be considered a mascot and that is only if he pays proper homage to the spotty butts!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!
The wonderful photo is by Amanda Barber of Amanda's Veranda...go to her website to experience some wonderful photos-it is a feast for the eyes.


mommanator said...

O come on, dont be an elitist!


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