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It is me Salty the Wonder Horse. This photo was taken when I first adopted Mushboy, boy has he grown. I am the fonding member of Grumpy Old Horse Ranch...that's right it all began with me.
I am going to do my best to fill Saturdays on the blog. I know that following Freedom is a tough job to do.
So here we go.
This week at the ranch was busy. The weather has been are real pain, along with Coelho the bratty boy. Coelho feels the need to bogart the entire 4 horse shelter. Now there are 3 horses in the pasture and you think he would share, but he won't. Jack and I are thinking of staging a coup...stay tuned for the overthrow of Brat Boy the tyrant.
Friend is still in a pasture on his own. He is now on full hay rations along with is mush. He is well on his way back to being normal, not that he was normal before he got sick. He has always been an unusual horse, it seems that he really understands what the DOR says and talks back to her. I am a bit envious of all the feed he is getting, I am on a diet, thppppp.
Shandi is growing and is now butt high again. She is hanging out with some older mares and a retired show gelding. They all take wonderful care of her.
Jack is hanging out with me. The burly boy is trying to help me with my weight loss program. He wants to run and play. I have to run faster than him because he always calls me a gimp. As I flash by him I launch a well place hoof at his butt. Jack is learning his place. I don't care how pretty he is, he is not my boss.
Sir Darby is still in his own pasture. Snotty horse still can't be nice to another horse sharing his space. He has spent his week nipping at the old mare in the next pasture and pinning his ears at any horse he thinks might be looking at him funny. He is getting ready to be a guest horse at a show...great another reason for his ego to puff up.
Mushboy is feeding another oldster that is staying at the ranch. It gives him a reason to get up early in the morning...I am glad he has this to do.
I hope the frogs and ladybugs that were out at the ranch for a bit survived the cold snap. I am hopeful that spring will be here soon. I looks my finest all shed out and not having a speck of mud on me.
The DOR and I are both doing well with our weight loss. I think I am doing better, but I am not going to rub it in.
That is all the news from Grumpy Old Horse Ranch where not all of the horses are old and Sir Darby is the only one who is grumpy.


fernvalley01 said...

Who better for freedom to pass the torch to? well done Salty


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