The DOR went to visit her Icelandic horse who is still in Ellensburg. He is a three year old stud and can not come home until he is a three year old gelding. I hope he doesn't plan on joining the Bulry He Man Gelding Club...
His name is Mächtige Mus, English translation of his name is Mighty Mouse. Mushboy calls him Mickey Mouse, that is probably more fitting as far as I am concerned. I know is he is a little shrimp who has no spots.
He can't be smooched either, won't even let people touch him yet. The closest the DOR can come to giving him a smooch is photo shopping a picture. Well that is fine with all of us because we love real smooches.
He most likely won't be here until the end of February which means he won't be getting any special Valentines Day treat here...oh well more for us.
The DOR says I need to have a nicer attitude about the entire thing. Maybe I do, but I am having to share my pasture with Friend-how much does this poor appy have to take?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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