A little bling for my little sis


My little sister Hanna has a bridle of her own.  She has been using mine, but I really don't like other horses using my bit.  I have a very special bit that the DOR got for me and I really like it. 
Her bridle has some bling along with interesting conchos and buckles.  It also sports a horse hair macate.  I did give her my old copper mouth D-ring snaffle bit, so don't say I never share okay Hanna.
The DOR and Hanna took their first ride together with this rig and it worked well.  Hanna did not try any of her rearing tricks to get out of going forward.  She didn't do any of the fancy footwork that I did, but with time she should get there.  I do have to say she can buck and pitch a fit as good as her big brother.  Hanna put on quite a show while she was being lunged.  She loped, she bucked, she snorted (even sent unlady like snot flying through the air), and she flew her tail like an Arabian...makes me feel proud.
I will have to speak to her about having better manners though.  Better manners earn treats and we all love treats.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Reddunappy said...


Love her spotted ears!


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