Epic fail!

So the DOR was wrangling a ride on Sunday morning.  She was wearing her favorite pair of jeans, they are several years old and very soft.  When they arrived to the spot where breakfast was being served she made an embarrassing discovery...her pants ripped along the back pocket.  EPIC FAIL, as Mushboy would say. It is a good thing that she always carries a fancy bandanna in her hip pocket.  She was able to use it to cleverly hide the rip. 
I am glad I was not there, I would have been in so much trouble.  I would have been laughing my hooves off for the rest of the day.  In fact I still giggle just thinking about it.
The DOR will no longer be buying jeans that have spandex in them.  While they are nice and comfy to ride in, the spandex eventually fails and that results in a rip-usually in an embarrassing spot at an embarrassing time.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

In other words, a wardrobe malfunction. - Margy

Desert Rose said...

of all the ways to use a "wildrag",,,this is the funniest I have heard ;)))


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