He's baaaack?

Since the Hanna has arrived I have been seeing ghost horses...really I have!
The DOR brought home my 1/2 sister, Bohanan's Rhapsody Splash AKA Hanna, and it made our little family complete.  Two full siblings and Hanna now reside at the ranch.
The DOR finds Hanna delightful, of course she would after all Hanna is an appy.  Hanna is a bit naughty though.  She will buck, lift off in the front, and squirt at pressure (she takes after her big brother).  She is given some grace though because she is only 5 and still very green.  The big difference in our temperaments is she has that mare spiciness that I, being a He Man Gelding, do not have.
I was a bit concerned the other day when I looked up and thought I saw Hank the Tank in the mare pasture.  For a moment I thought I was seeing a ghost.  I took a second look and realized it was my little sister.  Now I know why the DOR liked her from the get go, she looks like Hank.  Not only does she look like him, she acts like him a bit too.  The DOR loved Hank very much and misses him.
Now I am wondering if Hank was a cousin of some sort?
By the way, the herd has several nicknames names for Hanna:  Nanna Banana, Squirt, Princess, and my favorite Stinky Face. 
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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