Ellensburg and Fighting Fire

This is the Trail Boss, he is a talented horseman and one tough dude.  He has Dos Arroyos Ranch in Ellensburg and is one of the people who is surrounded by the fire.  He and his friend The Mule Skinner (no he doesn't really skin mules) are dug in and protecting the herd at Dos Arroyos.  Freedom's Lady is there and the DOR is a bit worried about her, but  knows she is in good hands.
If you live in that area and have to evacuate you critters take them to the Rodeo grounds.  You can also contact Rodeo City Equine Rescue and they can set you up with a safe place to take your animals to.  If you have no choice but to turn your critter loose please identify it in some manner.  A tag on a collar or halter, use permanent marker to write your name and number right onto the critter if needed.
I am ready to come stomp the fire with my big ol' appy hooves if needed.
Prayers to all my human and fur friends in Ellensburg.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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