Starring Cactus Jack Splash...

It was a dark and cloudy day, a perfect day to capture the essence of a snag that the DOR loves to ride by up on the mountain. I am thinking that it would make the perfect backdrop for a bit of a scary story:
Lucky the lumbering Clydesdale was crawling up the hill with the DOR on his back.  His load wasn't heavy, he is just lazy at heart and not working very hard.  What Lucky didn't realize was that a cougar matched them step for step.  The cougar was waiting for its opportunity to snag an easy meal.  As Lucky and the DOR neared an old snag the cougar sprang into action.  It made a wild leap at the oblivious horse and rider.  Luckily for them Cactus Jack Splash had been keeping an eye on the two of them.  He was jealous over the time that the DOR had been spending with Lucky.  The DOR had been neglecting their relationship for the love of the mountain.
Jack moved with lightening speed and planted a big old appy hoof upside the cougar's head, dropping it like a fly.  Lucky squealed like a mare and stood shaking.  The DOR dismounted to check on Jack and at that moment Lucky the chicken took off leaving the DOR in his dust.  Jack kneeled and allowed the DOR to get on his back.  Carefully, since he was not wearing a saddle, he carried her down the hill to the stable and safety.  The DOR swore to Jack she would never leave him behind again and told him he was the best horse in the world.
Yep I think that is a perfect appy story.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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